mpirs - Implementation of MPI in Rust
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mpirs - An implementation of MPI in Rust

This is an implementation of the MPI standard in Rust. Unlike other projects that provide bindings to C (or other) implementations, mpirs is entirely self-contained and completely written in Rust. This comes with advantages of being able to use convenience and expressiveness of Rust. At the same time the library is not complete and as heavily tested as compared to more mature implementations.

NOTE: This project is still in its alpha version and does not support all functions mentioned in the MPI standard. However, it does provide the base and framework to implement these easily.

Usage Notes

Build you programs using the library mpirs. Once the binary is compiled, do not use cargo run in order to execute your programs. mpirs comes with a runner that takes care of setting and spawning processes (this is located in the bin/ directory). To run the program, use:

./target/debug/mpirun -n <num_procs> <path/to/rust/executable>

Alternatively, to make it easier to use, you could also set up a symlink to the mpirun.

ln -s $(PWD)/target/debug/mpirun /usr/bin/


./target/debug/mpirun -n 8 ./target/debug/token


Examples can be found in the examples/ directory


mpirs can be built using a standard rust tool chain using cargo build.


mpirs is dual-licensed under:

Use under either one of the above listed licenses is acceptable.