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@afrozenator afrozenator released this Oct 30, 2018


  • MTF code in Tensor2Tensor has been moved to - thanks @dustinvtran

New Problems:

  • English-Setswana translation problem, thanks @jaderabbit

New layers, models, etc:


  • Support DistributionStrategy in Tensor2Tensor for multi-GPU, thanks @smit-hinsu !
  • Pass data_dir to feature_encoders, thanks @stefan-falk
  • variable_scope wrapper for avg_checkpoints, thanks @Mehrad0711
  • Modalities cleanup, thanks @dustinvtran
  • Avoid NaN while adding sinusoidal timing signals, thanks @peakji
  • Avoid a ascii codec error in CNN/DailyMail, thanks @shahzeb1
  • Allow exporting T2T models as tfhub modules, thanks @cyfra
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