GIT utilities -- repo summary, repl, changelog population, author commit percentages and more
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Git Extras

Little git extras.


Clone / Tarball:

$ make install


$ curl | INSTALL=y sh


$ sudo port install git-extras

Brew (buggy):

$ brew install git-extras


Just getting started? Check out these screencasts:

  • introduction -- covering git-ignore, git-setup, git-changelog, git-release, git-effort and more


  • git extras
  • git squash
  • git summary
  • git effort
  • git changelog
  • git commits-since
  • git count
  • git create-branch
  • git delete-branch
  • git delete-submodule
  • git delete-tag
  • git fresh-branch
  • git graft
  • git alias
  • git ignore
  • git info
  • git release
  • git contrib
  • git repl
  • git undo
  • git gh-pages
  • git setup
  • git touch
  • git obliterate
  • git feature
  • git refactor
  • git bug
  • git promote
  • git local-commits


The main git-extras command.

Output the current --version:

$ git extras

List available commands:

$ git extras --help

Update to the latest git-extras:

$ git extras update


Sets up the gh-pages branch. (See GitHub Pages documentation.)

git-[feature|refactor|bug] [finish] <name>

Create the given feature, refactor, or bug branch name:

$ git feature dependencies

Afterwards, the same command will check it out:

$ git checkout master
$ git feature dependencies

When finished, we can feature finish to merge it into the current branch:

$ git checkout master
$ git feature finish dependencies

All of this works with feature, bug, or refactor.

git-contrib <author>

Output author's contributions to a project:

$ git contrib visionmedia
visionmedia (18):
  Replaced several calls with
  Moved help msg to node-repl
  Added multiple arg support for sys.puts(), print(), etc.
  Fix stack output on socket error


Outputs a repo summary:

$ git summary

project  : git-extras
repo age : 10 months ago
commits  : 163
active   : 60 days
files    : 93
authors  :
   97	Tj Holowaychuk          59.5%
   37	Jonhnny Weslley         22.7%
	8	Kenneth Reitz           4.9%
	5	Aggelos Orfanakos       3.1%
	3	Jonathan "Duke" Leto    1.8%
	2	Gert Van Gool           1.2%
	2	Domenico Rotiroti       1.2%
	2	Devin Withers           1.2%
	2	TJ Holowaychuk          1.2%
	1	Nick Campbell           0.6%
	1	Alex McHale             0.6%
	1	Jason Young             0.6%
	1	Jens K. Mueller         0.6%
	1	Guillermo Rauch         0.6%

This command can also take a commitish, and will print a summary for commits in the commmitish range:

$ git summary v42..

git-effort [file ....]

Displays "effort" statistics, currently just the number of commits per file, showing highlighting where the most activity is. The "active days" column is the total number of days which contributed modifications to this file.

node (master): git effort --above 15 {src,lib}/*

git effort

If you wish to ignore files with commits <= a value you may use --above:

$ git effort --above 5


GIT read-eval-print-loop:

$ git repl

git> ls-files

git> quit

By default git ls-files is used, however you may pass one or more files to git-effort(1), for example:

$ git effort bin/* lib/*

git-commits-since [date]

List commits since date (defaults to "last week"):

$ git commits-since
... changes since last week
TJ Holowaychuk - Fixed readme
TJ Holowaychuk - Added git-repl
TJ Holowaychuk - Added git-delete-tag
TJ Holowaychuk - Added git-delete-branch

$ git commits-since yesterday
... changes since yesterday
TJ Holowaychuk - Fixed readme


Output commit count:

$ git count

total 1844

Output detailed commit count:

$ git count --all

visionmedia (1285)
Tj Holowaychuk (430)
Aaron Heckmann (48)
csausdev (34)
ciaranj (26)
Guillermo Rauch (6)
Brian McKinney (2)
Nick Poulden (2)
Benny Wong (2)
Justin Lilly (1)
isaacs (1)
Adam Sanderson (1)
Viktor Kelemen (1)
Gregory Ritter (1)
Greg Ritter (1)
ewoudj (1)
James Herdman (1)
Matt Colyer (1)

total 1844


Release commit with the given <tag>:

$ git release 0.1.0

Does the following:

  • Executes .git/hooks/ (if present)
  • Commits changes (to changelog etc) with message "Release <tag>"
  • Tags with the given <tag>
  • Push the branch / tags
  • Executes .git/hooks/ (if present)


Define, search and show aliases.

Define a new alias:

$ git alias last "cat-file commit HEAD"

Search for aliases that match a pattern (one argument):

$ git alias ^la
last = cat-file commit HEAD

Show all aliases (no arguments):

$ git alias
s = status
amend = commit --amend
rank = shortlog -sn --no-merges
whatis = show -s --pretty='tformat:%h (%s, %ad)' --date=short
whois = !sh -c 'git log -i -1 --pretty="format:%an <%ae>

git-ignore [pattern ...]

Too lazy to open up .gitignore? Me too!

$ git ignore build "*.o" "*.log"
... added 'build'
... added '*.o'
... added '*.log'

Add patterns from an existing template:

$ git ignore -t rails

Without any patterns, git-ignore displays currently ignored patterns:

$ git ignore


Show information about the repo:

$ git info

    ## Remote URLs:

    origin     (fetch)
    origin     (push)

    ## Remote Branches:

    origin/HEAD -> origin/master

    ## Local Branches:

    * master

    ## Most Recent Commit:

    commit e3952df2c172c6f3eb533d8d0b1a6c77250769a7
    Author: Sample Author <>

    Added git-info command.

    Type 'git log' for more commits, or 'git show <commit id>' for full commit details.

    ## Configuration (.git/config):

    color.branch=auto Author

git-create-branch <name>

Create local and remote branch name:

$ git create-branch development

git-delete-branch <name>

Delete local and remote branch name:

$ git delete-branch integration

git-delete-submodule <name>

Delete submodule name:

$ git delete-submodule lib/foo

git-delete-tag <name>

Delete local and remote tag name:

$ git delete-tag 0.0.1

git-fresh-branch <name>

Create empty local branch name:

$ git fresh-branch docs

git-graft <src-branch> [dest-branch]

Merge commits from src-branch into dest-branch. (dest-branch defaults to master.)

$ git graft new_feature dev
$ git graft new_feature

git-squash <src-branch> [msg]

Merge commits from src-branch into the current branch as a single commit. When [msg] is given git-commit(1) will be invoked with that message. This is useful when small individual commits within a topic branch are irrelevant and you want to consider the topic as a single change.

$ git squash fixed-cursor-styling
$ git squash fixed-cursor-styling "Fixed cursor styling"


Populate a file whose name matches change|history -i_ with commits since the previous tag. (If there are no tags, populates commits since the project began.)

Opens the changelog in $EDITOR when set.

$ git changelog && cat

n.n.n / 2010-08-05

* Docs for git-ignore. Closes #3
* Merge branch 'ignore'
* Added git-ignore
* Fixed <tag> in docs
* Install docs
* Merge branch 'release'
* Added git-release
* Passing args to git shortlog
* Added --all support to git-count
* Initial commit

List commits:

$ git changelog --list

* Docs for git-ignore. Closes #3
* Merge branch 'ignore'
* Added git-ignore
* Fixed <tag> in docs
* Install docs
* Merge branch 'release'
* Added git-release
* Passing args to git shortlog
* Added --all support to git-count
* Initial commit


Remove the latest commit:

git undo

Remove the latest 3 commits:

git undo 3

git-setup [dir]

Set up a git repository (if one doesn't exist), add all files, and make an initial commit. dir defaults to the current working directory.

git-touch [filename]

Call touch on the given file, and add it to the current index. One-step creation of new files.

git-obliterate [filename]

Completely remove a file from the repository, including past commits and tags.

git obliterate secrets.json


List all commits on the local branch that have not yet been sent to origin. Any additional arguments will be passed directly to git log.