Enhanced javascript syntax file for Vim
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Enhanced Javascript Syntax for Vim


  • Zhao Yi, Claudio Fleiner, Scott Shattuck (This file is based on their hard work)
  • gumnos (From the #vim IRC Channel in Freenode) (Who helped me figured out the crazy Vim Regexes)


This file is a fork of this file and the stock one

This version of this file features the following text highlights:

  • Parenthesis, curly and regular brackets.
  • The semicolon or comma at the end of line.
  • Browser, DOM and "Ajax" keywords like objects, methods, properties and others.
  • Operation, comparison and logical symbols (=,==,===,!=,etc.).

To enable code folding add the following to your .vimrc.

au FileType javascript call JavaScriptFold()


You can help me improve it too.

  • The separate highlight of the arguments
  • I know this is a syntax file, but having an autocompletion file.
  • Add keywords for the popular third-party libraries like jQuery, YUI, Prototype, etc.


This is the stock Javascript syntax file Stock Vim Javascript syntax file

This is with the Enhanced Syntax file Enhanced Javascript Vim syntax


The same as Vim