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tmux plugins

A list of tmux plugins.

Pro tip: watch this repository to get notified about new plugins.


  • aw-watcher-tmux - Allows monitoring activity in sessions and panes with ActivityWatch.
  • muxile - View and control your tmux session from your mobile.
  • tmux-autoreload - Watches your tmux configuration file and automatically reloads it on change.
  • tmux-browser - Web browser sessions attached to tmux sessions.
  • tmux-cargo - Plugin for executing cargo commands
  • tmux-cowboy - Kill hanging processes fast.
  • tmux-fpp - Quickly open any path on your terminal window in your $EDITOR of choice!
  • tmux-fzf-url - Quickly open any url on your terminal window using fzf!
  • tmux-fzf - Use fzf to manage tmux environment.
  • tmux-git-autofetch - Automatically fetches current opened git repositories on your tmux session
  • tmux-logging - Easy logging and screen capturing.
  • tmux-menus - Popup menus to handle commands that are hard to remember, and some custom actions.
  • tmux-mighty-scroll - Seamless mouse scroll.
  • tmux-neolazygit - Integration of lazygit with Tmux and neovim.
  • tmux-nerd-font-window-name - Nerd Font icons for your tmux windows
  • tmux-notify - Tmux plugin to notify you when processes complete.
  • tmux-open-nvim - Tmux plugin to help with opening files in an nvim pane. Pairs well with tmux-open or tmux-fingers.
  • tmux-open - Tmux key bindings for quick opening of a highlighted file or url.
  • tmux-pane-focus - Resize panes on focus.
  • tmux-power-zoom - Zoom pane to separate window, then unzoom it back into it's original location.
  • tmux-sensible - Basic tmux settings everyone can agree on.
  • tmux-sidebar - A sidebar with the directory tree for the current path. Tries to make tmux more IDE like.
  • tmux-which-key - Allows users to select actions from a customizable popup menu
  • tmux-window-name Names your tmux windows smartly.
  • tmux-wormhole - Download files and directories with magic wormhole.
  • tome 🔁 Script playbooks for frequent commands in any terminal application
  • tpm - Tmux plugin manager.
  • treemux - A sidebar with the modern Nvim-Tree file explorer for the current path, with bi-directional interaction in focus.

Copy Mode

  • extrakto - Allows you to select text from your window by fuzzy matching it through a set of filters with fzf. Look ma, no mouse!
  • tmux-better-mouse-mode - Better mouse responsivity in tmux.
  • tmux-copycat - Enhances tmux search.
  • tmux-copytk - Multi utility rapid copy toolkit.
  • tmux-fastcopy - easymotion-style text copying
  • tmux-yank - Plugin for copying to system clipboard. Works on MacOS, Linux and Cygwin.


  • tmux-jump - Vimium/Easymotion like navigation for tmux.
  • tmux-modal - Execute complex tmux commands in just a few keystrokes with a modal mode that is designed to be efficient, easy to remember and comfortable.
  • tmux-mouse-swipe - Switch Window or Session by clicking right mouse button and swiping.
  • tmux-pain-control - Standard pane key-bindings for tmux.


  • t-smart-tmux-session-manager - manage tmux sessions in a smart way with zoxide.
  • tmux-conda-inherit - Make new tmux windows and panes inherit the currently active conda environment.
  • tmux-continuum - Continuous saving of tmux environment. Automatic restore when tmux is started. Automatic tmux start when computer is turned on.
  • tmux-fzf-session-switch - Open or create a tmux session with fzf with a popup menu.
  • tmux-named-snapshot - A tmux-resurrect extension for named snapshot support. Save and restore multiple snapshots to your will.
  • tmux-nested - Alternative to tmux-suspend, supports arbitrary levels of nesting.
  • tmux-resurrect - Persists tmux environment across system restarts.
  • tmux-session-wizard - One prefix to control all your session creation, naming, switching, etc using fzf & zoxide
  • tmux-sessionist - Lightweight utils for manipulating sessions.
  • tmux-sessionx - A Tmux session manager, with Zoxide support, preview, fuzzy finding, and MORE
  • tmux-suspend - Lets you suspend local tmux session, so that you can work with nested remote tmux session painlessly.
  • tmux-update-display - When attaching to tmux session, update $DISPLAY for each tmux pane in that session.

Status Bar

  • tmux-acpi - Display ACPI information including thermal status, battery health, battery percentage, and adapter status.
  • tmux-aws-vault - Display current aws-vault context and time remaining in the session.
  • tmux-battery - Plug and play battery percentage and icon indicator.
  • tmux-bitahub - Display GPU status of bitahub in status bar of tmux
  • tmux-cpu - Plug and play cpu percentage and icon indicator.
  • tmux-df - Output of df in the status bar
  • tmux-digit - Display digit signs (⓪ ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ⑨ ⑩ ⑪ ⑫ ⑬ ⑭ ⑮ ⑯ ⑰ ⑱ ⑲ ⑳) in status bar of tmux
  • tmux-ip-address - Plugin for show public IP on status bar.
  • tmux-keyboard-layout - Show current keyboard layout in your status bar
  • tmux-kube - Plugin that lets you add the current Kubernetes context and namespace configured on kubectl to your tmux status bar.
  • tmux-maildir-counter - Plugin that counts files on a specific mail directory.
  • tmux-mem-cpu-load - CPU, RAM, and load monitor for use with tmux.
  • tmux-mode-indicator - Displays prompt indicating currently active Tmux mode.
  • tmux-mullvad - Keep track of Mullvad VPN status.
  • tmux-net-speed - Tmux plugin to monitor upload and download speed of one or all interfaces.
  • tmux-newsboat - Display newsboat counters in tmux status line.
  • tmux-now-playing - Showing currently playing track in tmux status bar with music controls.
  • tmux-online-status - Tmux plugin that displays online status of your computer.
  • tmux-packet-loss - Displays packet loss % if at or above the specified threshold level.
  • tmux-piavpn - Keep track of your Private Internet Access VPN status.
  • tmux-pomodoro-plus - A fork of tmux-pomodoro with more options and greater adherence to the technique.
  • tmux-pomodoro - Use Pomodoro technique with timer showing in tmux status bar.
  • tmux-powerline - A hackable status bar consisting of dynamic & beautiful looking powerline segments, written purely in bash.
  • tmux-prefix-highlight Plugin that highlights when you press tmux prefix key.
  • tmux-spotify-tui - Plugin that shows current playing song with Spotify-TUI.
  • tmux-ticker - Keep a track of popular market indexes and stock price.
  • tmux-uptime - Display your system uptime in the tmux status line.
  • tmux-urlview - Quickly open any url on your terminal window!
  • tmux-weather - Display weather information in your terminal.
  • tmux-xdrip - Tmux plugin that displays your glucose level & direction from xDrip in your terminal..