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Latest commit 2f1cb93 Jun 7, 2016 @tomdalling Updating Windows project to work with VS2015
One of the libs (I think GLFW) failed to link because of changes to
standard libs in VS2015. I've added `legacy_stdio_definitions.lib` to
the list of libraries to link against in `shared_build_settings.props`,
which provides backwards compatibility. It'll do for now.

Closes #8


This is a repository of open-source code to accompany a series of OpenGL articles on

List of articles:

  1. Getting Started in Xcode, Visual C++, and Linux
  2. Textures
  3. Matrices, Depth Buffering, Animation
  4. Cameras, Vectors & Input
  5. Model Assets & Instances
  6. Diffuse Point Lighting
  7. More Lighting: Ambient, Specular, Attenuation, Gamma
  8. Even More Lighting: Directional Lights, Spotlights, & Multiple Lights

Ports & Related Resources


Thanks to Martin (SpartanJ) Golini for the Linux ports.

Thanks to Sidharth Juyal of Whacky Labs for the iOS ports.

Thanks to Vyacheslav (ZeronSix) Zeronov for the C# port.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt.