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tonal glyph tracker: A tracker-style music sequencer [WIP]
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tonal glyph tracker

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IMPORTANT: This project is still in the planning and sandbox phase. Please see Projects and Issues for current progress.

tgtracker will be a digital audio workstation with a tracker-inspired interface. It will be written primarily in Rust. The nannou creative coding framework has colinear goals with tgtracker and reexports crates I plan to use anyway, so for now it's part of the family.


  • Cross-platform
  • Low latency
  • Embeddable in game engines/music applications
  • Portable/serializable data
  • Use new technologies like Wayland, Vulkan, and webassembly
  • Unique interface and document format
  • MIDI and OSC support


  • Backwards compatability w/ existing modules (XM, IT, etc.) but import to native format would be nice


I first entered the demoscene in 1996. I used various trackers to take apart existing modules and make my own. I have wanted since those years to make a tracker of my own. I am new to systems programming so I need all the help I can get for this project.

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