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manoelcampos commented Mar 26, 2019

An UtilizationModel defines how a Cloudlet will use Vm's RAM. When a Cloudlet requests more RAM than the Vm has available at the moment, it's shown a warning message, but the Cloudlet execution finishes at the expected time.

In operating systems, when this situation happens, the SO starts to use virtual memory to swap data belonging to idle processes from the RAM to the disk. This o

GhostofGoes commented Sep 2, 2019

Improve accessibility of the system to people with disabilities.

  • Identify areas that require accessibility changes (e.g. CLI, text output, visuals)
  • What guidelines/standards exist that we should adhere to?
  • Respect system configured accessibility settings for the identified areas, e.g. changing the color scheme for the CLI colors.
  • Are there improvements that should/cou
PHameete commented Jul 18, 2018

We should write a tutorial for new developers to get started with the Java Adapter.

I think it should consist of:

  • Adding dependency on the Java Adapter hosted on our repository (via Maven or Gradle)
  • Sending a simple message (i.e. CAP)
  • Receiving a message via callback
  • How to configure / what can be configured

Probably we should add a little example project with minimal configura

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