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Publicly available models for all to use (check the license at which they are released). This is a community-maintained list.

LoadCaffe by Sergey Zagoruyko loads all kind of Caffe models as Torch models. Check the README for more details, so far the models available:

  • bvlc_alexnet
  • bvlc_reference_caffenet
  • bvlc_reference_rcnn_ilsvrc13
  • finetune_flickr_style
  • VGG_CNN_M_2048
  • VGG_CNN_M_1024
  • VGG_CNN_M_128
  • VGG ILSVRC-2014 16-layer
  • VGG ILSVRC-2014 19-layer
  • Network-in-Network (Imagenet & CIFAR-10)
  • Oxford 102 Flowers
  • VGG16_SalObjSub
  • AlexNet_SalObjSub
  • Binary Hash Codes
  • MNIST LeNet

OverFeat - Nice clean native models in torch for Overfeat by Jonghoon Jin. Overfeat is originally developed by Pierre Sermanet and others.

DeepCompare - models for comparing image patches and extracting deep convolutional descriptors in native torch and binary formats (by Sergey Zagoruyko).

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