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ArchServer ALMStack

The ArchServer ALMStack is a Software Stack for the development of software providing the whole stack for the
Application Lifecycle Managment. The whole stack is based on the ArchServer ( distribution.

This means basically the following Components:

# Redmine - project management software (bug tracking, wiki, forums, ...) found at
# Hudson - Continuous Integration Tool found at
# Maven - the java build management Tool found at
# Sonar - Quality Management Software found at
# Nexus - Maven Repository Management found at
# Git - Distributed Version Control found at

The components are installed in the currently available VBox Image. 

Components, which do use a database, are installed and configured to use the installed Postgresql-DB. The most
components are reachable via the web, all these applications are hidden behind an apache proxy, and are reachable
via the corresponding url:

# http://HOSTNAME/redmine
# http://HOSTNAME/hudson
# http://HOSTNAME/sonar
# http://HOSTNAME/nexus

and for the maven project sites:

# http://HOSTNAME/maven.

The redmine hudson plugin ( is already installed and configured in redmine.

In this project the installation scripts and some additional configuration files (modified files) are published.


# integration of
# integration of gitosis (better: gitolite) and redmine
# checkout plugin of redmine (
# integration of codereview (probably: or
# replace nexus through artifactory or apache archiva?
# redmine mylyn plugin
# provide a download for eclipse (with all needed plugins, like hudson, m2eclipse, git and redmine mylyn)
# provide a download for intellij idea?
# provide not only a vbox image but also aws, and other virtualization - using varch?

Change Log


# Initial version with the basic compontents installed, integration glue is still missing