@troglobit troglobit released this Jun 6, 2018 · 10 commits to master since this release

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The VLC Android app release.


  • Support for ABOR FTP command, issue #14
  • Support for REST FTP command, issue #13
  • Support for EPSV and EPSV ALL FTP commands, issue #11
  • Basic support for MLST and MLSD FTP commands to provide support for the VLC android app., issue #9 and #12
  • Add OPTS MLST <ARG> to let client manage order of facts listed in MLST and MLSD calls
  • Add CDUP FTP convenience command, alias to CWD ..
  • Add DELE FTP command to delete files
  • Add MKD and RMD FTP commands to create and remove directories
  • Refactor LIST, RETR, STOR and PASV FTP commands for speed


  • Really fix 100% CPU problem, issue #9. Multiple failure modes in libuEv and improper handling of waitpid() in event loop callback
  • Use libuEv callback also for PASV FTP connections
  • Fix NLST + LIST line endings, must be \r\n