A project that I created to try and experiment with parallax
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Parallax Example

Trevor Rapp

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This is a simple project that I did to try and experiment with something that fascinated me--using parallax to create the appearance of interaction in a three dimensional environment (think x, y, z axis).


The parallax effect assigns x, y, and z values to separate graphic elements and then calculates actions and movement in response to the movement of the mouse or to the tilt of the tablet if you are on a tablet or phone with an accelerometer.

I used the parallax.js library from Matthew Wagerfield for the javascript. Therefore I cannot take credit for the logic that controls the motion.

Project demonstrates the following:

  • Ability to teach myself interests outside of formal instruction.
  • Integration of Photoshop layers and images in wireframing.
  • Create a custom logo in Photoshop.
  • Created the custom CSS using CSS3.
  • Integration of JavaScript libraries.
  • Use of HTML5.
  • Accomplish a goal I didn't think I'd be able to do when I began the course.
  • All art assets created by myself in Photoshop.

Project published at:


More Information:

*For more information see my [Portfolio] (), Webpage,LinkedIn, Blog, or return to my Github