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Tskit developers

Software for the creation and analysis of tree-sequences.


  1. tskit tskit Public

    Population-scale genomics

    Python 126 63

  2. msprime msprime Public

    Simulate genealogical trees and genomic sequence data using population genetic models

    Python 161 83

  3. tsinfer tsinfer Public

    Infer a tree sequence from genetic variation data.

    C 49 12

  4. tsdate tsdate Public

    Infer the age of ancestral nodes in a tree sequence.

    Python 14 7

  5. tutorials tutorials Public

    A set of tutorials for msprime and tskit.

    Jupyter Notebook 16 14

  6. kastore kastore Public

    The key-array store for read-only numerical data.

    C 2 7


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