RESTful API Demo built without FOSRestBundle ~2000 lines of code.
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Symfony 4 REST API

(Notice: Be aware this solution needs refactorization! Please don't copy this solution 1:1)

Written WITHOUT FOSUserBundle and FOSRestBundle

2000 lines under your control.

Requirements: PHP min. version 7.2.0

See demo:

Quick start

Clone repository

git clone

Install dependencies

composer install

Start local server

bin/console server:start

Listing with filters and pagination

It is possible filtering data using LexikFormFilterBundle and to paginate results using whiteoctober/Pagerfanta


The whole API including contains only ~2000 lines of code, gives you full control possibility to adapt it to an existing project with ease.


Extending its functionality of additional ElasticSearch, Redis or RabbitMQ solution is straightforward. In case you need to change something it's always under your

See examples of usage


  1. Controllers
  2. Entities
  3. EventSubscriber
  4. Form
  5. Resource
  6. Security
  7. Service
  8. Traits