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@mdo mdo released this Jun 26, 2014 · 9302 commits to master since this release

Be sure to read the blog post for the highlights.

New features

  • #12042: Responsive embeds, as seen in SUIT CSS.
  • #12204: Visibility and hidden classes for block, inline-block, and inline elements.
  • #12690: Added ZeroClipboard to provide a Flash-based copy button on all examples to quickly copy snippets of code.



  • #12679: Add .sr-only-focusable class to provide a focus state for skip nav links.
  • #13194: Update Normalize to v3.0.1.
  • #13649: Add translate3d in a few instances to reduce repainting when scrolling.
  • #13737: Reset the html font-size using pixels instead of percentages.


  • #12459: Refactor scale mixins to ensure both .scale(x) and .scale(x, y) work.
  • #12855: Add .animation-fill-mode() mixin.
  • #12993: Add a table of contents to mixins.less and reorganize things.
  • #12998: Modularized the mixins into separate files. We now have a mixins directory in our less folder that @imports all the mixins into mixins.less (for backward compatibility).
  • #13859: Update the .skew() mixin to use skewX(...) skewY(...) instead of old and deprecated skew(x,y) syntax.

Grid system

  • #12854, #12863: Properly reset left values to auto instead of 0 in .col-*-push-0 and .col-*-pull-0 grid reset classes.
  • #13616: Add custom grid gutter support to .container-fixed(). .make-row and .make-*-col mixins already had this ability, so this simply completes the package.


  • #10073: Add width: 100% \9; to .img-responsive to prevent IE10 and below from distorting<svg> elements.


  • #12753, #12756: Ensure the .clearfix is applied on .dl-horizontal dd by moving it out of the media query (Less doesn't respect :extend() within media queries).
  • #13449: Increase .lead font-weight for better readability on mobile.
  • #13671: Add text-transform utility classes.
  • #13854: Darken @gray-light and .lead to meet accessibility guidelines.
  • #13860: Add a new variable for .dl-horizontal's offset.


  • #12824: Remove white-space: nowrap from <code> elements in favor of default pre-wrap value for better rendering on narrow viewports.
  • #13351: Add support for nested kbd elements.


  • #12722: Scope .table-responsive styles to screen devices only so they're not cut off when printing from Chrome (Safari is fine, unknown for IE and FF).
  • #12742: Make .table-responsive more mixin-friendly.
  • #13013: Ensure table cells with contextual states preserve their styles when used within a hover table.
  • #13375: Remove bottom margin on tables within collapsible panels.
  • #13670: Use overflow-x: auto; in responsive tables to hide the scrollbar when it's not needed.
  • #13707: Remove unnecessary max-width: 100%; on <table>s and place it on .tables.


  • #12669: Properly reset line-height on all date inputs to ensure Mobile Safari and IE8+ display them correctly.
  • #12759: Make input groups in inline forms use display: table-cell so they are sized properly and appear on the same line as intended.
  • #12794: Fix placement of browser-based form validation popovers for required attribute. Applies to Firefox and Chrome.
  • #12801: Add padding to the bottom of .form-control-static to match height of standard form controls.
  • #12843: Scope label styles for horizontal forms to a media query so their narrow viewport display looks just like a normal form.
  • #12868: Vertically center form feedback icons for large and small inputs. Also reorders our bootstrap.less file to place glyphicons.less closer to the top of our imports to avoid specificity issues.
  • #13003: Move padding on .radios and .checkboxs to their immediate <label>s to avoid the no-click deadzone caused by negative margin.
  • #13066: Add z-index to the form control feedback icons so input groups don't render on top of them.
  • #13099: Fix vertical alignment for all time-based inputs on iOS.
  • #13141: Add a max-width: 100%; to <label> elements so IE8 wraps text properly.
  • #13320: Fix .form-control-feedback position when labels have the .sr-only class applied. This makes it super easy to use optional feedback icons with no visible label.
  • #13548: Use position: absolute; and an IE8-9 hack to fix checkbox and radio line-height problems (and the vertical alignment) that were introduced after #13003.
  • #13651: Update explanatory comment about iOS date/time inputs bug.
  • #13745: Add optional .disabled class to set not-allowed cursor on disabled radio and checkbox labels.
  • #13856: Add .form-group-sm and .form-group-lg.
  • #13872: Always apply padding to .form-control-static for proper vertical alignment.


  • #12937: Darken active button background colors just a bit.
  • #13079: Scope .open button state in .button-variant() mixin to immediate children.
  • #13549: Use .opacity() mixin on button group inputs for IE8 support.
  • #13903: Restore side padding on .btn-block.


  • #12683: Remove the overflow: hidden; from .panel-group > .panel because it apparently serves no purpose and cuts off nested dropdown menus.
  • #12745: Add @panel-heading-padding and @panel-footer-padding variables for panels.
  • #12822: Scope panel collapse styles to immediate .panel-bodys only.
  • #13689: Fix double border in panel when a list group is followed by panel footer.
  • #13735: Fix bug where a panel recieve extra top border when placed within a collapsible panel.

List groups

  • #12490: Add support for disabled list items in list groups.
  • #12739: Add @list-group-link-hover-color variable to customize the text color when hovering on linked list items.
  • #13857: Properly color <small>/.small within active list group headings.

Progress bars

  • #12848: Improve progress bars to better handle low to zero percentage values.
  • #13861: Refactor striped and animated striped progress bars to deprecate the required parent class and add new modifier classes.


  • #12969: Improve badge mixinability with better nesting.
  • #13687: Colorize badges in panel headings.


  • #12738: Revamps navbar collapse functionality. Instead of setting a max-height on all .navbar-collapse elements, we only apply it to fixed top and bottom navbars. Also adds a shorter max-height for landscape views to ensure scrolling still works.
  • #12694, #12813: Correctly reset .btn-link colors in a navbars.


  • #13037: Add text-align: left; to .dropdown-menu to avoid inheritance from any parent that might reset that property (e.g., our .modal-footer).
  • #13369: Fix dropdown menu alignment in justified button groups in Firefox.
  • #13851: Add white-space: nowrap; to .dropdown-header to match dropdown links.

Tooltips and popovers

  • #12934, #12952: Base rounded corners on popover titles on the @border-radius-large variable.
  • #13216, #13217: Increase z-index values on tooltips and popovers to always be in front of modals.


  • #12803: Removed unnecessary top margin from .modal-footer. All spacing is addressed by padding on the .modal-body, and the .modal-header never had any margin on it.
  • 7e551ec: Update padding on modals to be 15px all around. Previously was 15px in the header and 20px everywhere else.
  • #13609: Update modal CSS to prevent shifting before animation.


  • #12593: Add support to Collapse plugin for trs and tbodys.


  • #13242: Fix horizontal alignment of carousel controls by using appropriate margin for each side.


  • #13093: Reset the background-color and background-image on disabled theme buttons.


  • #13542: Fixes #13478 by reverting #10941. This undoes the hardcoded some URL escaping around our icon paths as a way to fix broken assets when Bootstrap was included via Bower. Instead, folks implementing Bootstrap via Bower should use the relative URLs feature of Less.



  • #11464: Improve the JavaScript noConflict() mode not working in 3.0.x.
  • #11966: Fix .noConflict() mode.
  • #12948: Use quotes around all element attribute values in selectors.


  • #11281: When opening a dropdown, focus the toggle before (instead of after) triggering the shown event.
  • #13296, #13354: Don't let dropdown menus disappear with right-click in Firefox.


  • #13511: Fix button plugin to allow empty string as reset state.


  • #11453: Fix scrollspy for targets within tabs.
  • #11937: Correctly determine scrollheight of <body> in IE10 and lower.
  • #12337: Correct some internal event names in scrollspy plugin.
  • #13220: Correct scrollspy offsets when scrollheight changes.
  • #13589: Adjust for Scrollspy offset when calculating maxScroll.
  • #13702: Minor scrollspy refactoring.


  • #11958: Move Modal removeBackdrop() call from hideModal() into backdrop().
  • #12761: Remove .focus() event aliases from modal and dropdown plugins.
  • #12850: Stop passing argument of incorrect type to Modal.hide()
  • #13103: Stop modals from shifting <body> content to the left.
  • #13615: Add missing event namespacing in modal.js.
  • #13627: Fix restoration of focus to the triggering element upon dismissal of a modal.


  • #13406: Fire event after (instead of before) alert has been detached from the DOM.


  • #9342, #12982: Properly reset affix position when scrolling back to top.
  • #12862: Improve flickering and simplify calculations in affix plugin.
  • #13342: Add a target option to the Affix plugin.
  • #13541: Improve affix plugin's affix-bottom positioning.

Tooltips and popovers

  • #12328: Add tooltip viewport option, respect bounds of the viewport.
  • #12377: Stop using document.body.scrollTop, because it's deprecated.
  • #13060, #13481: Add role="tooltip" to tooltips & popovers by default to improve accessibility.
  • #13165: Fix popover when using append.
  • #13557: Add aria-describedby attribute to tooltips and popovers to improve accessibility
  • #13593: Add reference to triggering element to tooltip/popover element's data.
  • #13752: Avoid error when trying to show an auto-placed tooltip that gets removed from the DOM.


  • #9461, #13173: Make carousel ignore content that's not an .item.
  • #12592: Change carousel indicators behavior to immediately move active classes from one indicator to the next.
  • #13396: Add direction & relatedTarget properties to event.
  • #13787: Add left and right keyboard support to the carousel.


  • #9836, #12983: Prevent collapse animation from jumping when an input holds focus.
  • #11099: Prevent $.collapse() from overriding original dimensions of the collapsed element when uncollapsing.
  • #13157, #13176: Fix issues with transition end event bubbling in the collapse plugin.
  • #13306: Don't override the original height/width of a collapsed element when uncollapsing it.
  • #13330: Wait for the transition of the expected target to complete during a collapse.


  • #12487: Document required use of position: relative; for Scrollspy plugin.
  • #12697: Document support for input[readonly].
  • #12744: Document ability to remove animation on modals.
  • #12790: Add link to unofficial Italian translation (
  • #12808: Correct grid column values listed in Grid Options.
  • #12810: Document .container-fluid in the CSS overview docs.
  • #12818: Small table tweak to browser support table.
  • #12866: Add sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
  • #12748, #12956: Document missing examples for common inline typography tags.
  • #12688: Document ability to dismiss popover via focus and next click.
  • #13024: Add role="alert" to alert examples to improve accessibility.
  • #13026: Document more Bootstrap components in the Theme and RTL examples.
  • #13095: Generate translations list from YAML _data file.
  • #13167: Use underscore prefix to ignore certain directories.
  • #13184: Document the template option of tooltip & popover plugins.
  • #13190: Document that a function for Popover's content parameter is called with the element as an argument.
  • #13222: Explicitly document how to change the mobile navbar breakpoint.
  • #13332: Document specificity collisions of well backgrounds and contextual background classes.
  • #13337: Mention removal of .progress-* contextual classes in the migration guide.
  • #13340: Document default assumption about icon font's location (and how to change it).
  • #13362: Document that you shouldn't show() tooltips and popovers on hidden elements.
  • #13367: Update gradient mixin docs to use percentage values instead of decimals for color stops.
  • #13396: Document direction & relatedTarget properties of Carousel events.
  • #13397: Document that invisible (non-jQuery-:visible) scrollspy targets are ignored.
  • #13422: Warn about browsing the docs in IE when using an emulation mode to simulate older IE versions; these emulation modes can behave significantly differently than actual older IE versions.
  • #13434: Explicitly document grid column wrapping behavior better.
  • #13463: Add optional theme preview toggle to the docs sidebar on certain pages.
  • #13493: Improve accessibility of .close buttons in docs examples.
  • #13495: Mark Android Firefox (Fennec) as an officially supported OS+browser combination.
  • #13700: Add missing role="menu" attrs to .dropdown-menus.
  • #13768: Simpler and updated docs copy for icon font file paths given escaped path reversion.


  • #9951, #12865, #13205: Add Gist and Customizer URLs to customized files and config.json.
  • #10632: Show an alert with links when customizer config is successfully saved as Gist
  • #12617, #12666: Show proper browser support errors for the Customizer.
  • #12773: Add feature detection to block Safari, since it doesn't fully support the necessary Blob API.
  • #12719, #12875: Update to Less 1.7.x.
  • #12966: Ensure icon font vars are loaded into Customizer.
  • #13373: Make variable deprecation notices visible in the Customizer.
  • #13151: Update the Customizer to use to UglifyJS 2.
  • #13472: Disabled the v2.x customizer.
  • #13543: Customizer: make utilities.less inclusion mandatory
  • #13626: Show proper error message when viewing the Customizer in IE8


  • #12735: Fix sidebar hover state in Dashboard example.
  • #12894: Remove margin-bottom from last <p> of .blog-footer in the Blog example.
  • #12897: Remove border-bottom from navbar in Dashboard example for easier customization of navbar content.
  • #13390: Add IE10 viewport bug workaround to examples.
  • #13905: Update the Cover example to move the box-shadow from the <body> to the .site-wrapper so it surrounds content of all lengths.

Build system

  • #12670: Drop use of vendor prefix mixins and use autoprefixer as part of our Gruntfile. Mixins are still available and supported.
  • #12672: Add logging to build-raw-files Grunt task.
  • #12760: Misc Grunt improvements.
  • #12798: Updated QUnit test reporting so Sauce Labs can report exact failing tests.
  • #12949: Switch to grunt-css-flip Grunt plugin for RTL CSS generation.
  • #12829: package.json cleanup.
  • #12834: Update Sauce Labs config to use new name for Chrome browser for tests.
  • #12853: Switch to JSCS to prepare for removal of style changes coming in JSHint 3.
  • #12861: Add docs.css to the CSSComb task.
  • #12989: Don't ignore every dot file in Bower installs, only the ones in the root directory.
  • #13064: Add description field to bower.json
  • #13065: Exclude /test-infra/ from Bower installs.
  • #13328: Include a reference to bootstrap.less in Bower for easier installs.
  • #13587: Switch to Kramdown for Jekyll.
  • #13740: Add replace entry to composer.json.
  • #13877: Switch to uber/npm-shrinkwrap for npm-shrinkwrap.json generation

Browser bugs

We've started tracking unresolved browser bugs that currently impact Bootstrap's development in some way. We call it the Wall of browser bugs. We've also documented a few new bugs with this release:

  • #10690: Reported a bug in Firefox for responsive images (those with max-width: 100%) in table cells. No other browsers are affected. See Until a fix is shipped, add width: 100%; to your responsive images in table cells.
  • #12548: Reported a bug in Chrome where date inputs stop resizing when appearing with display: table-cell;. See
  • #12476: Document IE8's limitation of borders on buttons in a justified button group. Currently the only way to get borders on those buttons is to wrap each button in an additional .btn-group, just like the button groups using <button> elements.
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