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Various HDL (Verilog) IP Cores



This repo contains submodules, to clone them;

git clone --recursive


Name Description
asram16_axi4 AXI4 -> Async SRAM (16-bit) Interface
dbg_bridge UART -> AXI4 Debug Bridge
dvi_framebuffer DVI/HDMI framebuffer with AXI-4 bus master
ftdi_async_bridge FTDI Asynchronous FIFO Interface (Wishbone)
ftdi_bridge FTDI Asynchronous/Synchronous FIFO Interface (AXI-4)
ft60x_axi FTDI FT601 USB3.0 to high-performance AXI4 bus master
i2s I2S Master
irq_ctrl Simple Linux support interrupt controller
sdram Simple SDRAM Controller (Wishbone)
sdram_axi4 Simple SDRAM Controller (AXI-4)
spdif SPDIF Transmitter
spiflash SPI-Flash XIP Interface
spilite_axi4l SPI-Lite SPI Master Interface
uart UART
ulpi_wrapper ULPI Link Wrapper
usb_bridge USB -> AXI4-Lite Debug Bridge
usb_cdc USB CDC Device
usb_device USB Peripheral Interface
usb_fs_phy USB Full Speed PHY
usb_host USB 1.1 Host Controller
usb_sniffer USB Sniffer
usb_serial USB to UART
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