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Underworld geodynamics software platform and tools

Computational tools for the geodynamics community. Built in Australia, used all over (and under) the world. For support / help visit @underworld-community

Underworld Codes

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  1. underworld2 underworld2 Public

    underworld2: A parallel, particle-in-cell, finite element code for Geodynamics.

    C 149 56

  2. UWGeodynamics UWGeodynamics Public archive

    Underworld Geodynamics

    Python 79 32

  3. stripy stripy Public

    2D spherical and Cartesian triangulation toolkit using tripack, stripack, srfpack and ssrfpack

    Jupyter Notebook 50 12

  4. quagmire quagmire Public

    Python surface process framework on highly scalable unstructured meshes

    Jupyter Notebook 14 1

  5. pyFTracks pyFTracks Public

    Python Package for Fission Track Modelling and Analysis

    Python 11 3

  6. tawnycalc tawnycalc Public

    Forked from jmansour/tawnycalc

    Python wrappers for thermocalc execution.

    Jupyter Notebook 1 1


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