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Ushahidi Platform

What is Ushahidi Platform?

Ushahidi Platform is an open source web application for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. It helps you to collect info from: SMS, Twitter, RSS feeds, Email. It helps you to process that information, categorize it, geo-locate it and publish it on a map.

This repository contains the backend code with the REST API implementation.

Head over to the Platform Client repository for the browser app code.

Setup essentials

The shortest path to get up and running is:

  • Install Docker Engine
  • Install Make command (parses Makefile)
  • Run make start

The backend will be listening on localhost:8080.

Other helpful commands

You may use make start to restart the containers (does a full container build).

You may use make apply to apply dependency and migration changes to containers (without full container build). Note: this requires containers to be up. ​ To stop Docker containers run make stop

To take everything down (including deleting the database) make down will do that for you.

WIP: to run the automated tests ...

Manuals and documentation

A note for grassroots organizations

If you are starting a deployment for a grassroots organization, you can apply for a free social-impact responder account here after verifying that you meet the criteria.

Platform User Manual

The official reference on how to use the Platform. Create surveys, configure data sources... it's all in there! Platform User Manual

Platform Developer Documentation

Key pointers on installing and developing on the Platform.

Platform Developer Documentation



Thanks goes to the wonderful people who [Contribute]! See the list of contributors at all-contributors This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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