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CLI tool to generate quotes said by ola.
Python Shell
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CLI tool to generate quotes said by Professor Astrachan.

screenshot of tool



  • Must have Python 2 installed
  • /usr/local/bin must be on the path
  • /usr/bin must be on the path
  • Python 2's executable must be at /usr/bin/python

Installing on MacOS or Linux:

To install, run the following commands:

git clone
cd ola
chmod +x ./
sudo ./

You may then delete the ola folder into which you cloned the repo.

Installing on Windows

Clone or download the repository.

Rename the ola file to


MacOS or Linux:

To use, simply run:


If you want to use a different quotes source file, pass the path as an argument:

ola my_other_quotes.txt

Quote files are formatted as one quote per line.

You can also pipe output to other programs. For example:

ola | cowsay

The quotes file may be configured. It is stored at /etc/ola/quotes.txt.


At the command line, run python from the repo's folder.

Note: Not tested, but this might break the ability to pass custom files as arguments (or might break the whole thing). If this is the case, maybe try find a fix by editing the sys.argsv section of the code.

But why Python 2?

My Python 3 installation is a bit funky, so I decided to use Python 2 for more easy cross-platform support.

If you'd prefer to use Python 3, here's how:

  • In the main program (ola file), change print message to print(message)
  • Change the shebang line at the top of the file to point to your Python 3 executable


Pull requests are welcome. Please submit an issue if any bugs are encountered.


Created by Radu Vasilescu.

Many of the quotes are sourced from here: ola Quotes from CS 101

Others are added by me.


MIT license. See LICENSE file.

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