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Merge base fork #5

wants to merge 452 commits into
base: master


None yet

snikch commented Dec 3, 2018

This merges sirupsen/logrus@master into our branch. I've tested this in vend/log@levels -> vend/cardinal. Everything seems to be working as expected but it would be good if I can get another DRI to check in their service that it all works as expected.

dmathieu and others added some commits Jul 13, 2017

Merge pull request sirupsen#574 from stevejarvis/master
Export logger's set level function to address sirupsen#503.
remove QuoteCharacter option
This seems to be one of the most reported issues, as it makes it a lot
harder to safely escape strings.

This option is very much an edge case, and it's causing too much issues
compared to what it provide.
Merge pull request sirupsen#585 from DmitriyMV/improve-doc
Improve logrus.Entry.Level documentation
rename logrus_syslog package to syslog
Package names shouldn't be using underscores. There is also nothing
wrong with naming this package `syslog`. People can include it with any
name they wish.
Merge pull request sirupsen#587 from sirupsen/logrus_syslog
Rename logrus_syslog package to syslog
only add a space between text entries if there is already content
So we don't have a trailing space at the end of each log line
Merge pull request sirupsen#593 from sirupsen/buffer_length
Use buffer length to avoid generating strings every time
Merge pull request sirupsen#595 from mozillazg/patch-1
readme: remove duplicate godoc link
IsTerminal should work in nacl too
I'm running logrus on a nacl environment and I get:

``` undefined: IsTerminal
Merge pull request sirupsen#597 from DAddYE/master
IsTerminal should work in nacl too
switch terminal_linux to x/sys/unix from syscall
Closes sirupsen/issues/515

Signed-off-by: Christy Perez <>
Merge pull request sirupsen#594 from sirupsen/sys_unix
Use x/sys/unix instead of syscall

dgsb and others added some commits Oct 20, 2018

Merge pull request sirupsen#844 from loren-osborn/pull/652_AddTraceLe…

Added TRACE level logging.
Merge pull request sirupsen#846 from sirupsen/gomod_konsorten_version
Fix the version of windows coloring library dependency
Merge pull request sirupsen#850 from sirupsen/caller_feature
Add optional log field with calling method
Merge pull request sirupsen#845 from yanana/make-level-implement-text…

Make logrus.Level implement encoding.TextUnmarshaler
fix panic in text formatter
The panic was caused to a nil pointer access when report
caller was activated with output coloring disabled

Fixes sirupsen#852
Merge pull request sirupsen#849 from FabienM/add-gelf-formatter
Add GELF to third party formatters
Merge pull request sirupsen#841 from sirupsen/fix_aix_build
Attempt to fix build break on aix

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dizaknz commented Dec 3, 2018

A few of the tests import

example_basic_test.go:6:        ""
example_global_hook_test.go:4:  ""
example_hook_test.go:9: ""
example_hook_test.go:10:        slhooks ""
hook_test.go:12:        . ""
hook_test.go:13:        . ""
internal/testutils/testutils.go:10:     . ""
logrus_test.go:16:      . ""
logrus_test.go:17:      . ""
logrus_test.go:41:                      "", fields["func"])
logrus_test.go:348:             "", fields["func"])
logrus_test.go:378:             "", fields["func"])

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dizaknz commented Dec 3, 2018

👍 59f8d88 - fixed


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dizaknz commented Dec 3, 2018

Tested locally on shifta and seems all good. Just required a dep ensure to vendor


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dizaknz commented Dec 3, 2018

Seems okay, except for one test failure (as you've already noted)

 go test $(go list ./... | grep -v /vendor/)

ok  0.436s
?   [no test files]
--- FAIL: TestLogstashFormatter (0.00s)
                        Error Trace:    logstash_test.go:46
                        Error:          Not equal: 
                                        expected: string("Get The error")
                                        actual  : map[string]interface {}(map[string]interface {}{"Op":"Get", "URL":"", "Err":map[string]interface {}{}})
                        Test:           TestLogstashFormatter
FAIL      0.017s
ok     0.019s
ok       0.026s
?       [no test files]
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