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Version 1.12 (May 9, 2018)

PDF Parser:

  • added support for PDF files over 2Gb [#par-334]
  • fixed date parsing issues with trailing apostrophe [#par-335]
  • fixed bug with Standard Encoding in PostScript font programs [#par-340]
  • fixed issue parsing digital signatures for files below 1024 bytes [#par-343], [#par-351], [#par-353]
  • fixed issue with recognition of standard font with differences entry and parsing empty differences array [#par-345][#par-350]
  • close streams properly during parsing and ensure tempfile deletion [#par-346], [#par-352], [#par-353]
  • fixed signature EOF stream logic causing ByteRange issues[#par-348]
  • Fixed detection of the CFF font charset in case of a predefined charset with incomplete glyph plus issues with Adobe Type 3 Font, Adobe Type 1 Font and ASCII85 parsing [#par-348], [#par-355]
  • added check to disallow and report Type 1 PFB fonts [#par-349]

Conformance Checker:

  • add Identifier to validator type for reporting, added details to HTML report [#val-261], [#lib-940]
  • fixed issue parsing digital signatures for files below 1024 bytes [#val-265]
  • exclude process colors from spot color validation in DeviceN / NChannel color spaces for PDF/A-2 and 3 [#val-267] [#pdf-191]
  • fixed metadata extensions support across different PDF/A levels [#lib-947]
  • fixed bug with automatic selection and processing of PDF/A flavour [#pdf-190]
  • fixed validation of smooth shading color spaces and inline images in presence of default color space [#val-263]
  • fixed bug in embedded file features data extraction [#lib-951]
  • fixed bug with validation rule caching [#lib-963]

Application enhancements:

Project infrastructure

  • merged veraPDF-xmp project with library [#lib-964]