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JsSIP, the JavaScript SIP library

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Getting Started

The following simple JavaScript code creates a JsSIP User Agent instance and makes a SIP call:

// Create our JsSIP instance and run it:

var configuration = {
  'ws_servers': 'ws://',
  'uri': '',
  'password': 'superpassword'

var ua = new JsSIP.UA(configuration);


// Make an audio/video call:
var session = null;

// HTML5 <video> elements in which local and remote video will be shown
var selfView =   document.getElementById('my-video');
var remoteView =  document.getElementById('peer-video');

// Register callbacks to desired call events
var eventHandlers = {
  'progress': function(e){
    console.log('call is in progress');
  'failed': function(e){
    console.log('call failed with cause: '+;
  'ended': function(e){
    console.log('call ended with cause: '+;
  'confirmed': function(e){
    var local_stream = session.connection.getLocalStreams()[0];

    console.log('call confirmed');

    // Attach local stream to selfView
    selfView = JsSIP.rtcninja.attachMediaStream(selfView, local_stream);
  'addstream': function(e){
    var stream =;

    console.log('remote stream added');

    // Attach remote stream to remoteView
    remoteView = JsSIP.rtcninja.attachMediaStream(remoteView, stream);

var options = {
  'eventHandlers': eventHandlers,
  'mediaConstraints': {'audio': true, 'video': true}

session ='', options);

Want to see more? Check the full documentation at

Online Demo

Check our Tryit JsSIP online demo:

Website and Documentation


  • As Node module: $ npm install jssip
  • As Bower module: $ bower install jssip
  • Manually:


José Luis Millán

Iñaki Baz Castillo

Saúl Ibarra Corretgé


JsSIP is released under the MIT license.

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