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VLC for Android, Android TV and ChromeOS
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VLC for Android

This is the official Android port of VLC.

VLC on Android plays all the same files as the classical version of VLC, and features a media database for Audio and Video files and stream.


VLC for Android is licensed under GPLv2 (or later). Android libraries makes this, de facto, a GPLv3 application.

VLC engine (libvlc) for Android is licensed under LGPL.


You will need a recent Linux distribution to build VLC. It should work with Windows 10, and macOS, but there is no official support for this.

Check our AndroidCompile wiki page


VLC is a libre and open source project, we welcome all contributions.

Just respect our Code of Conduct.

Pull requests

Pull requests can be proposed here or on our github mirror.

Sending patches to the mailing list

Check our wiki page on how to send patches Send them to the android mailing list:, not vlc-devel.

Issues and feature requests

VLC for Android bugtracker is hosted on VideoLAN gitlab Please look for existing issues and provide as much useful details as you can (e.g. vlc app version, device and Android version)


You can help improving translations too by joining the transifex vlc project


You can use our LibVLC module to power your own Android media player. Have a look at our sample codes.


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