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mySIMBL is an open-source plugin manager for macOS. It lets you discover, install and manage plugins to improve the user experience of macOS without the need for manually cloning or copying files.




  • Download the latest release
  • Unzip the download if your browser does not do so automatically
  • Open mySIMBL
    • mySIMBL will ask to be moved to /Applications
    • mySIMBL may ask to install or update SIMBL
    • You may be required to disable System Integrity Protection, mySIMBL will inform you but cannot automate this process
  • Start installing and using plugins


  • mySIMBL supports macOS 10.9 and above
  • plugins may have different application and system requirements


  • Repositories to find, download and update plugins
  • Drag and drop plugins onto mySIMBL to install them
  • Open bundles with mySIMBL to install them
  • Delete plugins (Trash can)
  • Show plugins in Finder (Magnifying Glass)
  • Enable/Disable plugins (Colored Circle Icon)
  • Show plugin developer page (Globe Icon)
  • Detect existing plugins
  • Update plugins with ease
  • Automatically keep plugins up to date
  • And many more...

I want to submit a plugin

  • Head over to the mySIMBL plugin repository
  • Fork the project
  • Add your compiled and zipped plugin to the bundles folder
  • Edit packages_v2.plist to include your submission
  • Submit a pull request


Having problems? Submit an issue here: submit

Uninstall SIMBL

Select SIMBL from the sidebar, then click unistall SIMBL. Log out and back in for changes to fully apply.


Wolfgang Baird (@w0lfschild)