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The WHATWG Steering Group

The purpose of the Steering Group is to govern and guide the WHATWG to be an open, efficient forum for development of Living Standards and other materials that relate to or support web technologies. It maintains policies and addresses issues that arise to ensure that the WHATWG develops useful technical specifications, plus associated documentation, code, and other materials, in a manner that get intellectual property commitments from contributors and other participants.

Purpose of this repository

This repository is intended for Steering Group discussion, and also as a record of Steering Group decisions. The recommended way to make requests to the Steering Group is to file an issue in this repository.

In addition, this repository holds all WHATWG Policies, and a record of existing Workstreams and Living Standards.

Code of conduct

We are committed to providing a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all. Please read and respect the WHATWG Code of Conduct.


The Living Standards of the WHATWG are developed in Workstreams. The Steering Group maintains the official list of Workstreams (generated from db.json).


The founding document of the WHATWG is the Steering Group Agreement.

The Steering Group has adopted the following additional policies:

(These are maintained as Markdown resources in this repository, except for the Contributor and Workstream Participant Agreement which is maintained as agreement.hbs in the repository.)

Steering Group representatives

Changing a Steering Group representative


A place to raise issues with the WHATWG Steering Group