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What is Synchronize?

Synchronize is a tiny Python script that let's you synchronize local files with files you have on the Internet.

How do I use it?

Add import synchronize as the first statement in your Python file. This means you want to synchronize files located in the same place as your script, or somewhere in the subdirectories.

Then, add a # url comment in every file you want synced.

And that's it.

How it works

When import synchronize gets executed, it searches through files located in the caller's location. If they contain a # url, the script updates their content with the data downloaded from the provided url.


import synchronize  # should be the first thing that gets executed
import matz

print matz.add(2, 3)
print matz.subtract(5, 2)

# url
def add(a, b):
	return a + b

def subtract(a, b):
	return a - b

Now every time I run, Synchronize updates the contents of with the contents of the Gist.