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Wrapper scripts for your container process: easily restart with
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Rerunning your process via live_update

i.e., simulating restart_container() on non-Docker clusters

As of 6/28/19: restart_container(), a command that can be passed to a live_update, doesn't work on non-Docker clusters. However there's a workaround available to simulate restart_container()'s functionality. It's used in the onewatch integration test so that the test passes on non-Docker clusters. Here's how to do it yourself:

Copy and to your container working dir.

If your container entrypoint was path-to-binary [arg1] [arg2]..., change it to:

./ path-to-binary [arg1] [arg2]...

To restart the container, instead of including Live Update step restart_container(), use: run('./')

So, for example:

        sync('.', '/go/src/'),
        run('go install'),

This live update will cause the go install to be run in the container every time anything in the . path locally changes. After the go install is run, ./ will be run. This will kill the original entrypoint, and restart it, effectively simulating the container_restart() functionality on Docker.

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