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Sample code for integrating Work Market with Salesforce. Work Market API documentation can be found here.

This sample demonstrates creating an assignment in Work Market from a corresponding object in Salesforce, including pricing, location, scheduling, and custom field information.


Setting this demo up in your salesforce environment requires a few customizations in the following areas:

  • Custom Labels for environment-specific constants
  • Custom object to represent a Work Market Assignment in SF
  • The Apex classes and trigger included in this repo

Follow the instructions below to get started.

Custom Labels

This relies on Custom Labels for storing certain constants related to the integration. You will need to create the following Custom Labels in your SF instance:

Label Name Description Example
WM_API_Error_Email Email to receive error messages
WM_API_Secret WM API secret VeC315dwF9ablGXikVx
WM_API_Token WM API token (not access token) SdnpUD319F9fda98uFaZpi92fxXxaYhmqcJ2aL
WM_URL The base URL of the WM environment you are using
WM_CF_Default_Grp_ID ID of your default custom fields group in WM 539
WM_CF_Object_SF_ID ID of the Salesforce Object ID field in your default custom field group 8943

Custom Assignment Object

For this sample code, we have created a custom Assignment object that represents a WM assignment. You could pull these fields from a customized Case, Opportunity, or whatever you prefer to use. You'll want to create a layout for this object as well to make it usable.

Field Name API Name Data Type
Address 1 Address_1__c Text(120)
Address 2 Address_2__c Text(120)
Assign By Email Assign_By_Email__c Text(100)
Assigned Resource Assigned_Resource__c Lookup(Contact)
Assignment ID Assignment_ID__c Text(12) (External ID) (Unique Case Insensitive)
City City__c Text(120)
Country Country__c Text(3)
Custom Field 1 Custom_Field_1__c Text(8)
Description Description__c Long Text Area(32768)
End Time (Site Local) End_Time_Site_Local__c Date/Time
Group Group__c Picklist
Max Hours/Units Max_Hours_Units__c Number(5, 0)
Max Hours @ Secondary Rate Max_Hours_Secondary_Rate__c Number(4, 0)
Postal Code Postal_Code__c Text(12)
Pricing Type Pricing_Type__c Picklist ("Flat Rate", "Hourly", "Dual Rate Hourly", "Per Unit")
Rate Rate__c Currency(5, 2)
Resource Email Resource__c Text(100)
Resource Name Resource_Name__c Text(128)
Resource Phone Resource_Phone__c Phone
Secondary Rate Secondary_Rate__c Currency(5, 2)
Skills & Specialties Skills_Specialties__c Text Area(255)
Special Instructions Special_Instructions__c Long Text Area(32768)
Start Time (Site Local) Start_Time_Site_Local__c Date/Time
State / Province / Region State_Province_Region__c Text(4)
Status Status__c Picklist ("Draft", "Published to Work Market")
Template Template__c Picklist
Title Title__c Text(255)
View in Work Market View_in_Work_Market__c Formula (Text) "$Label.WM_URL & '/assignments/details/' & Assignment_ID__c"

Feel free to contribute with pull requests!


Sample code for integrating Work Market with Salesforce




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