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A simple command runner that uses argparse from the Python standard library under the hood. Runs on Python 3 only (3.6 and up). Uses annotations to configure options.

There are two basic use cases:

  1. Standalone console scripts (including scripts with subcommands).
  2. Collections of commands (similar to make, Fabric, etc).

Building on these, especially #2, there are a couple of more advanced use cases:

  1. A simple orchestration/deployment tool. If you have a simple build process and just need to rsync some files to a server, a few simple commands might be all you need.
  2. A wrapper for more sophisticated orchestration/deployment tools--an alternative to the Bash scripts you might use to drive Ansible playbooks and the like.

Basic Usage

Define a command:

from runcommands import arg, command
from runcommands.commands import local

def test(*tests: arg(help='Specific tests to run (instead of using discovery)')):
    if tests:
        local(('python', '-m', 'unittest', tests))
        local('python -m unittest discover .')

Show its help:

> run test -h
test [-h] [TESTS [TESTS ...]]

positional arguments:
  TESTS       Specific tests to run (instead of using discovery)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit

Run it:

> run test
Ran 0 tests in 0.000s


Create a standalone console script using a standard setuptools entry point:

    my-test-script = package.module:test.console_script


Run it (after reinstalling the package):

> my-test-script
Ran 0 tests in 0.000s


See the main documentation for more information on installation, defining & running commands, configuration, etc.


  • Easily create standalone console scripts: simply define a function and wrap it with the @command decorator.
  • Easily create standalone console scripts that have subcommands (a la git).
  • Create collections of commands (similar to make, Fabric, etc).
  • Run multiple commands in sequence: run build deploy.
  • Uses argparse under the hood so command line usage is familiar.
  • Provides built-in help/usage for all commands via argparse.
  • Provides command line completion (including example scripts for bash and fish).


Detailed documentation is on Read the Docs.


MIT. See the LICENSE file in the source distribution.


  • Improve command line completion
  • Add more documentation and examples
  • Write tests