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Tsourdox commented May 29, 2020

Not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but I wanted to save a cache script I could easily run.

"cache": {
      "desc": "Cache versions and update lock file",
      "cmd": "deno cache server.ts --lock-write",
      "lock": "./lock.json"

The result however when running denon cache is an endless loop instead of just executing it once, looks like this:


authorjapps commented Aug 5, 2020

I want a documentation or Wiki page where the expected vs actual field matching is explained
So that I can use these in my test automation to test the server response payloads and headers
e.g. id=123 , id="123", isValid=true, isValid="true" etc


Cover the following currently supported mechanisms with examples

  • $EQ
  • (int)
  • (float) or (decimal)
  • (boolean)

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