Evaluate a move to octopress from raw jekyll #5

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winhamwr commented Mar 26, 2012

From the IRC conversation:

  • weswinham, 11:20 -
    Also, I don't want to sidetrack or hold things off, but are you familiar with octopress?
    It's built on top of jekyll and adds some nice things to the core
    We actually use it for www.policystat.com and our development blog
  • mr_lundis, 11:21 -
    no, octopress got released after I created the initial site
  • weswinham, 11:21 -
    I know it does RSS feeds, for example
  • mr_lundis, 11:21 -
    ok, great
  • weswinham, 11:21 -
    gotcha. It might be a solution for us
  • mr_lundis, 11:21 -
    I'm fine with whatever
  • weswinham, 11:21 -
    It also makes it easy to add things like categories, social media sharing, disqus comments, etc etc
    I think it's a better tool, but it doesn't mean moving to that right now is worth the effort compared to just getting something up to iterate from
    I'm not sure which is the better approach
    So maybe I just throw up the issues and we punt on whether octopress is the best way to solve them. Let whoever actually addresses them make that decision :)
  • mr_lundis, 11:23 -
    if octopress is built on top of jekyll, then migrating shouldn't take that much effort?
    sound good :)
    while we're on the subject of blogg/news/etc
  • weswinham, 11:24 -
    I've never done a jekyll => octopress migration myself, but I imagine the theme will be where the effort lies.
  • mr_lundis, 11:24 -
    the theme is basically just 20 lines of html
    maybe a little bit more, but mostly boilerplate stuff
  • weswinham, 11:25 -
    Oh great. It will probably be pretty straight forward then. Just a matter of changing some color/layout options on the default octopress theme to mimic what you've done so far
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