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Starting from the version 3.3.0, Teams are available in CryptPad. They allow users to share content between themselves in a more advanced way than just sharing pads or folders and are dedicated to group of users who work a lot together.


  • Each team owns an entire CryptDrive
    • Members can create pads, folders, shared folders and they can upload files to the drive
    • Team have their own storage limit (50 MB by default)
    • Owned content (pads, folders, files) created from the team drive is owned by the team.
      • This means it will only count in the team storage limit, and any team member with edit rights can delete the document permanently from the server.
    • Members can share pads from their CryptDrive with the team and they can copy pads from the team to their own CryptDrive
  • Each team contains a chat available to all its members
  • The members list (roster) of a team contains different access level:
    • Members: can add, delete and edit pads from the team
    • Admins: can also invite their CryptPad friends to the team, kick members and promote members as "Admin"
    • Owners: can also promote admins as "Owner", change the team name or avatar and delete the team

Using teams

  • You can create a team by visiting the new "Teams" application in CryptPad
  • Administrators and owners can invite their CryptPad friends to the team
    • Invited users will receive a notification. Clicking this notification will allow them to accept or decline the invitation
  • Owners can't leave the team directly, they need to demote themselves first
  • Owners can only demote themselves if there is another owner
  • Owners can use the team administration panel to change its name, avatar or to delete the team

Team storage limit

  • By default, a team can only store up to 50 MB of data.
  • Premium users subscribed to a standard or a team plan can use their "extra subscriptions" to increase the storage limit of a team to 5 GB
    • To increase the quota of a team, you need to get the team public key from the team administration panel (ask an owner of the team) and use it in the "My subscriptions" page on


  • To limit abuse about storage limit, a few restrictions exist about Teams:
    • Only registered users can create or join a team
    • You can only join 3 teams maximum
    • You can't create a team if you're already Owner of another one
  • These restrictions may change in the future

Instance administrators

  • Administrators can increase the storage limit for teams:
    • Changing the defaultStorageLimit value in config.js will now change the limit for user accounts and teams at the same time
    • The customLimits key in config.js can be used to increase the storage limit of a team using its public key
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