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Powered by Yesod

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Feel free to add your own application or site to the list

High traffic sites

Front Row Education. Every web request is served by Haskell. The application students learn Math with has a large volume of users and a lot of requests. Yesod doesn't use much CPU. The DB is the bottleneck.

DoxIQ: Document viewing analytics. Every document view creates multiple requests to Yesod for analytics. When a document is popular and seeing thousands of views in a short time frame, Yesod keep operating smoothly.


Yesod applications that you can run locally.


The following sites are powered by Yesod. Feel free to add your own to the list:

  • Budzu: Cannabis information site featuring user submitted prices
  • Weedreporter: News site featuring cannabis news
  • sustainable funding for open source projects
  • BayesHive: Web application for Bayesian statistical computing
  • FP Complete School of Haskell
  • Haskellers (github): Professional network of Haskell programmers.
  • Docmunch: Understand data in your documents
  • Web interface to automated podcast distribution via BitTorrent
  • PlanIt9: Plan, schedule and track project tasks.
  • TFoo: a five in a row game
  • packdeps: Track outdated Hackage dependencies.
  • the PEG parser-generator for C
  • Licentious: Commits a chosen license to a GitHub repository.
  • Nutrition search & visualization site
  • Tutorial (spanish): Yesod tutorial (in spanish), it cover all minimal functionalities to make a site. Has real production site and github repository.
  • Luach: English and Hebrew anniversary reminders.
  • PaperServer: Online journal article management (github).
  • Mythic Beasts: UK-based hosting provider
  • TED2srt: Download bilingual subtitles of TED talks (github).
  • CapitalMadrid: Spanish newsletter specialising in economic and financial information.
  • Visual: An image gallery using persistent-mongoDB and zimg (github).
  • Carnival: thoughtbot's blog comments are powered by a Yesod app called Carnival (github).
  • DoHaskell: A site collecting and tagging resources for learning the Haskell programming language (github).
  • A pastebin with runnable snippets (github).
  • A URL shortener.

Personal web sites

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