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simplistic s3 - a project to learn erlang by building a s3 server
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S2: Simplistic S3

Getting Started

Note: I'm a beginner at erlang so I don't really know what I'm doing here.
I'm certain that this is the slow way of doing things - but it works.

First run:

cd src
erlc *.erl && erl

After making changes to a file:

erlc *.erl && erl

Or simply:

c(req). % or whatever filename

Notes / Ideas

This project is currently being worked on when I need to unwind or have a few minutes here and there

  • backend is mnesia (bootstraping)
  • Goal is application layer is in charge of
    replication to many storage backends


S2 is based on Misultin (hacking in support for unsupported methods) and uses the Boto S3 library as a jumpstart for unit testing (acts as a todo for implementation)

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