async_accept returned error: system:89 (io_service operation canceled) #172

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I updated my websocketpp repository and recompiled my library.
I compile as 32 bit rather than 64bit.

If the concurrent_server example has pool_threads > 1 there is the error

Starting WebSocket sleep server on port 9002 with thread pool size 2 and 2 worker threads.
2012-12-29T10:47:13 [16] async_accept returned error: system:89 (io_service operation canceled)
Assertion failed: (!ret), function ~condition_variable, file /opt/local/include/boost/thread/pthread/condition_variable_fwd.hpp, line 57.
Abort trap: 6

I am compiling with boost built with macports

Do you have any insight? Happy to provide additional information


confirmed this does not exist on commit

which is a while back, I know

zaphoyd commented Jan 4, 2013

This issue is related to #168. The latest commit has most likely fixed it. If you can confirm that would be great.


I used the most up to date pull when I submitted the bugfix so I am not sure if it was fixed.
Will check this next week and report back to you, thanks.


Confirmed fixed

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