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@zyedidia zyedidia released this May 16, 2021

Micro 2.0.9

  • Softwrap improvements (thanks to @dmaluka).
    • New wordwrap option.
    • Several bug fixes and improvements to navigation.
  • Small bug fixes
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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Oct 6, 2020

Micro 2.0.8: small release which fixes some terminal-related problems present in v2.0.7.

  • Terminfo fixes
    • Mouse mode in alacritty and konsole fixed.
    • Modifier key detection for dynamic terminals fixed.
    • Background color in terminal emulator fixed.
  • Syntax highlighting improvements
    • C++, Crystal, Groovy, Coffeescript.
    • Parentheses no longer highlighted in default theme (makes the colors less jarring and more consistent with other themes).
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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Sep 6, 2020

Micro 2.0.7

  • Keybindings improvements
    • Key sequences can be bound with <Key1><Key2>..., for example <Ctrl-x><Ctrl-c>.
    • Different keybindings for buffers, command bar, and terminal panes can be specified.
      • See > help keybindings for the details and defaults.
    • Better support for complex keybindings.
      • Function keys with modifiers.
      • PgUp, PgDown, Delete... with modifiers.
  • Clipboard
    • Support for multiple cursors (internal clipboards for each cursor).
    • Support for OSC52 (copy and paste via your terminal, which works over ssh).
      • New clipboard option (default external).
        • Set to internal for internal clipboard only.
        • Set to external for xclip/xsel external clipboard.
        • Set to terminal to use OSC52.
          • Known to work in iTerm2, kitty, xterm, st, rxvt-unicode.
          • See > help copypaste for details on enabling support in your terminal.
  • 24-bit color support on Windows (make sure to set MICRO_TRUECOLOR=1)
    • Doesn't work with ConEmu but works with Windows-terminal, command prompt...
  • Minor changes
    • Better support for obscure terminals (reading terminfo dynamically without relying on infocmp).
    • Better truecolor detection.
    • No duplicates in up-arrow history.
    • Graceful exit when receiving SIGTERM.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fix path escaping on Windows.
    • Fix issue when fastdirty is off
    • Syntax highlighting and linting fixes
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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Jun 24, 2020

Micro v2.0.6

  • Improvements to the backup system.
    • permbackup option (default off).
    • backdupdir option (default directory is ~/.config/micro/backups).
  • Some new statusformat directives for the statusline:
    • status.lines, status.vcol, status.bytes, status.size.
  • Errors parsing settings.json will not cause settings to be overwritten.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Pasting CRLF text.
    • Plugin options not persisting properly.
    • Backspace on Windows.
    • Better test infrastructure.
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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Jun 18, 2020

Micro v2.0.5

Edit: Due to a significant bug on the Windows version, please use version 2.0.6-dev.3 (attached below as 2.0.5 to avoid causing errors for automated installers) instead of 2.0.5 (for Windows only). Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Micro will ensure that settings.json only contains non-default settings.
    • Settings will have default values unless overridden in settings.json.
    • Any settings with default values in settings.json will be removed after
      modifying your settings or running micro -clean.
  • New relativeruler option (default off).
    • Makes line numbers relative to your current cursor position.
  • New parsecursor option for file:line:col syntax (default off).
    • Enable for previous behavior to open a file at a location.
  • More consistent key labels to reduce confusion about keybindings.
  • Autocompletion is more conservative and only triggers for alphanumerics.
  • Performance improvements.
  • More languages supported by the default comment plugin.
    • Use Alt-/ or Ctrl-/ (new) to comment/uncomment a block of code.
    • Note that micro sees Ctrl-/ as the CtrlUnderscore event from the terminal.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Mouse support in command bar.
    • Escape sequence handling.
    • Other minor issues and improvements.
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  • v2.0.4
  • c5b0c2d
  • Compare
    Choose a tag to compare
    Search for a tag
  • v2.0.4
  • c5b0c2d
  • Compare
    Choose a tag to compare
    Search for a tag

@zyedidia zyedidia released this May 23, 2020

Micro v2.0.4

  • Better clipboard handling for SSH sessions (use internal clipboard even if xclip/xsel is installed if no X-server is available).
  • New CopyLine action (default for CtrlC with no selection).
  • FindLiteral action for Find without regexes (unbound by default).
  • tabmove command for moving tabs.
  • Support for Unicode combining characters.
  • Better customization for dividers with new divchars and divreverse options.
  • Support for italics in colorschemes.
  • Bug fixes.
    • Dropped redraw events.
    • View relocating with a selection.
    • More minor fixes.

Note for package maintainers: build paths were changed in this version to conform with the go.mod specification for projects with a semantic version >=2.0.0 (see #1638). If you are building micro, it is highly recommended that you use the provided makefile, or update your build scripts to build with the new v2 path for build tags.

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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Apr 10, 2020

Micro 2.0.3

This is a relatively minor update. For the next large update (2.1.0) I hope to provide improvements to the keybinding system and a (light and optional) Vim keybinding plugin.

v2.0.3 changelog:

  • Micro will output to pipes if it is on the left side of a pipe
    • Running micro | cat will open micro and pipe the result (when the buffer is closed) to cat. Since micro can also read from pipes, this means you can make a pipe chain interactive by placing micro in it.
  • New +LINE:COL flag for opening a file at a location (file.txt:LINE:COL syntax still supported)
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Syntax file improvements
    • Csharp-script (new)
    • Sagemath (new)
    • Julia
    • Python 3
  • Linter improvements
    • Haskell
    • C++
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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Feb 26, 2020

Micro v2.0.2.

This release contains search and replace improvements, changes to some default options, and bug fixes regarding syntax highlighting and multiple cursors.

  • Search and replace improvements:
    • Regex capture groups are now supported in the replace command. Examples:
      > replace "(foo)" "$1-bar"
      > replace "(foo)" "${1}-bar"
      > replace "(?P<group>foo)" "$group-bar"
      > replace "(?P<group>foo)" "$group-bar"
      > replace "(?P<key>\w+):\s+(?P<value>\w+)$" "$key=$value"
    • Search and replace will only take effect in the current selection if one exists.
  • Option changes:
    • New xterm option (off by default) to force micro to believe the current terminal is xterm-256color. Please use with caution.
    • Make eofnewline on by default.
    • Make autosu off by default.
    • Make fastdirty off by default.
  • Correct version info for snap builds.
  • Bug fixes (and a new test suite for text transformation correctness).
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@zyedidia zyedidia released this Feb 12, 2020

Day one patch for micro 2.0! This update includes important bug fixes and minor improvements.

Click here for the micro 2.0 changelog.


  • Fixed bugs in core.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Expose OpenLogBuf to plugins (via bp:OpenLogBuf()).
  • Clicking the arrow in the tabbar now scrolls the tabs.
  • New IndentLine action (unbound by default).
  • New option autosu to automatically use sudo to save file if you don't have permission to save (on by default).
  • Pressing esc when prompted to reload a file will cancel the reload and all future reloads.
  • Update to Haskell syntax file.

Thanks to everyone who reported issues and contributed! Sorry for the quick update, I think things will settle down now.

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