Release 2.0 - 1 Dec 2015

@zz85 zz85 released this Dec 5, 2015 · 42 commits to gh-pages since this release

This should have landed half a year go, but here this is finally!

I decided to bump down JSCS for this version so it loads faster on the web (<200kb gzipped), but "mrdoobapproves" will support ES6 syntax next release (v3)!

  • JSCS library with Autofix (v1.13.1, last official version without Babel)
  • Updated MDCS rules - space checks
  • Ability to chose other JSCS presets (crockford, google, jquery, wikimedia etc)
  • Simpler Autofix Button, Save Button


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#51 requireSpaceBeforeKeywords, disallowMultipleSpaces
#46 else if formatting
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#42 Auto Fix button
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#38 Trailing tabs and/or spaces
#36 Track official JSCS branch
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Thanks again to @gero3 @WestLangley @mrdoob for your contributions :)


Release 1.0 - 12 Jan 2015

@zz85 zz85 released this Jan 13, 2015 · 70 commits to gh-pages since this release

Numerous commits & 20 PRs later (in mostly less than the span of a week over the new year) we are tagging 1.0 release. Thanks @gero3 for your great work, and @mrdoob @WestLangley @mikesherov for all the feedback needed :)

screenshot 2015-01-13 09 28 24

  • Mr.doob's Code Style™ validator
  • Check as you type
  • Gutter hinting
  • JS syntax highlighting using code mirror
  • Auto-formatting with diff editor
  • Jump to error
  • Trailing spaces hinting
  • Open file

See #1 for more details