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@4ian 4ian released this Jan 5, 2020 · 32 commits to master since this release

New features

  • 🎇 Add dozens of new effects for layers, and allow developers to easily create extensions bringing new effects.

    • See an (incomplete!) list of effects available on the wiki.
    • Thanks @Bouh and @blurymind for porting, trying and setting up these new effects for GDevelop: Black and White, Noise, CRT, Godray, Tilt shift, Advanced bloom, Kawase blur, Zoom blur, Displacement, Color Map, Pixelate, Reflection.
    • Want to add a new shader effect to GDevelop? Take a look at the explanations about effects here.
    • Support for effects on objects will be added in a next version
  • 📝New object BBText (thanks @blurymind!)

  • 🎨 Improvements in Piskel sprite editor (thanks @blurymind!)

    • Color index shift brush (useful for cell shading sprites)
    • Ability to source all layers when using the bucket tool
    • Palette transfer tool (apply the currently selected palette colors to the frame you are on)
  • 🖥 Add an option to automatically resize game resolution to window or screen size. It's recommended to activate it especially for games on mobile phones.

💝 Improvements

  • Add new examples (thanks @ddabrahim!)

  • Change the way actions are written in the events sheet so that they are all written in proper English and consistent.

    • This improves consistency between actions and conditions: both are displaying the subject first, then the operator (for comparison or change) and then the value (to be compared against or to be used for the change).
  • Add link to the new Geometry Monster tutorial and Geometry Monster starter.

  • Add actions to change the resolution during the game and enable/disable the automatic resizing.

  • Set additional help descriptions to parameters of some actions/conditions.

  • Add a menu option to add a long description to functions parameters

  • Allow to set colors of comments/groups, and to edit their texts in a separate window (thanks @Bouh!)

  • Improve comments edition to be seamless (thanks @Bouh!)

  • Add a button to remove the font in the Text object editor (thanks @Bouh!)

  • Add colors to warning/alert icons (thaks @Bouh!)

  • Update the UI to use filled text fields and inputs, so that it's easier to distinguish them from the rest of the interface.

  • Improve responsiveness of the UI on small screens.

  • Add titles in some dialogs to make the layout of the dialog clearer.

  • Various improvements to the layout of the editors.

Improvements for GDevelop developer and advanced users:

  • Remember DevTools open state in previews (thanks @blurymind!)
  • Add React DevTools to GDevelop development version (thanks @blurymind!)
  • Add watcher to automatically import changes to GDJS and extensions in the IDE when using GDevelop development version.

🐛Bug fixes

  • Fix pixel perfect rendering of Panel Sprite (9-patch) objects (thanks @Bouh!)

  • Fix memory leak and warning about texture not found.

  • Fix outline color when drawing line with Shape Painter (thanks @Bouh!)

  • Fix a crash when setting a parameter to be a behavior in a function.

  • Fix points position not immediately valid after changing the animation or frame of a Sprite.

  • Fix invalid reported width/height after changing the animation or frame of a Sprite.

  • Fix "Folder Project"/"Single file" property that could not be changed.

  • Fix music/sound considered as stopped just after the Play action was used.

  • Fix sound/music restarted when play action was used with the sound/music not previously paused.

  • Fix menu still showing as loading after startup on some computers (thanks @Bouh!)

  • Rename objects to "instances" for "For Each" event and "Pick All" action (thanks @Bouh!) to avoid confusions

  • Various fixes in the UI

  • Fix autosave being loaded but not saved as the original file

  • Fix events sheet (actions, conditions...) not refreshed after choosing a language

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