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🎮 GDevelop is an open source HTML5 and native game creator requiring no coding skills.
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GDevelop is a full featured, open source game development software, allowing to create HTML5 and native games without needing any knowledge in a specific programming language. All the game logic is made thanks to an intuitive and powerful event based system.

GDevelop in action, used to add a trigger in a platformer game

About directory structure

  • Core: GDevelop core library, containing common tools to implement the IDE and platforms.
  • GDCpp: Sources files of GDevelop C++ Platform, used to build native games.
  • GDJS: Sources files of GDevelop JS Platform, used to build HTML5 games.
  • IDE: Sources files of GDevelop IDE.
  • Extensions: Sources files of extensions. (For C++ or JS platform)

  • Binaries: Binaries are generated in Binaries/Output. Binaries/Releases contains the installer exes and compressed files containing GDevelop releases.

  • scripts: Various scripts, notably scripts to package GD (ReleaseProcedure* scripts).

  • docs: Directory where the documentation is generated. To avoid you to generate it by yourself, it is available here.

How to build Build Status Windows Build Status

Full and detailed instructions are in the getting started page of the documentation available here.


  • Install and launch CMake.
  • Choose this directory as the source directory, and a new directory like Binaries/.build as the directory where to build. Files will be output in Binaries/Output anyway.
  • On Linux, be sure to have required development libraries installed. On Windows, be sure to use the same version of the compiler for better compatibility.
  • Generate the Makefile (or Ninja build file) and launch it.


The documentation is available on



Development Roadmap

Related projects

  • GDevelop.js is a binding to use GDevelop engine in Javascript.
  • is a radically innovative online game creator, compatible with GDevelop. It is based on GDevelop.js and can be used on any browser, including iOS and Android.


  • The Core library, the native and HTML5 platforms and all extensions (respectively Core, GDCpp, GDJS and Extensions folders) are under the MIT license.
  • The IDE (in the IDE folder) is licensed with GPL v3.
  • The name, GDevelop, and its logo are the exclusive property of Florian Rival.

Games exported with GDevelop are based on the native and/or HTML5 platforms (see Core, GDCpp and GDJS folders): these platforms are distributed under the MIT license, so that you can distribute, sell or do anything with the games you created with GDevelop. In particular, you are not forced to make your game open source.

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