Outil de gestion de la comptabilité de l'AFPy
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A tool to manage simple accounting from a plain text file.


The purpose of this tool is to manage accounting for the French speaking Python User Group (www.afpy.org).

We just wanted to manage accounting in a plain text file (just like ledger does, but without double entry accounting).

This project is just a set of tools we use in order to achieve that.

How to

The easiest way to use Pyash is to install it in a virtual environment using Pipenv.

$ pipenv install -e .
$ pipenv run pyash -h


Pyash is written for Python3.

The only dependencies are Jinja2 used to format text output, and chut used to build the CLI.


Our data file is made of money moves.

A money move is composed of a date, an amount, a kind, a category, a status, a description and a comment.

Here is an example :

2013/07/04 -100.00€ Check Category X

The first line is composed of a date (formatted with '%Y/%m/%d'), an amount (signed float and an € symbol), a move kind (check, order, etc.), a category (used as a grouper in reports) and a status (X for executed, P for pending).

The description is a single line.

The comment is a block beginning with 4 spaces, it can be on multiple lines.


$ pipenv run python setup.py test