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Python-based assets for importing and exporting SVG files in Houdini



Both HDAs use the svg.path library - To ensure Houdini has access to this library:

  • Install Python2.7
  • Install pip, the python package manager (it may be automatically installed with python) - - Run 'pip install svg.path' which will install svg.path into Python27\Lib\site-packages
  • Run 'pip install svg.path --target [path/to/houdini/home/python2.7libs] ' which will install svg.path into the Houdini custom python library directory (e.g C:/Users/User/Documents/houdini16.0/python2.7libs )
  • Create an empty file inside the svg/ directory of the svg/path installation
  • In your houdini.env file, append the site-packages directory to the python search path, e.g PYTHONPATH = &;C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages - Setting PYTHONPATH in the houdini.env file apparently breaks some python modules that come with Houdini.


A digital asset which can load SVG files into SOPs. Features:

  • Supports Line, Polyline, Polygon, Circle, Rect and Path elements (Cubic bezier paths - open or closed)
  • Supports Compound shapes
  • Loads Fill, Stroke, Stroke-Weight and Opacity data and stores these as Primitive attributes
  • Options for outlining strokes, hole-ing compound shapes and converting bezier curves to polygons

Current Limitations:

  • Does not support clipping paths (Produces Error)
  • Does not support group tags


A digital asset which can save the contents of a Houdini scene to SVG format

  • Work-in-progress - usable but not guaranteed stable.
  • Supports Polygons, Polylines and Bezier Curves
  • 2 digital assets: SVG_Export and SVG_ProcessAndExport. The latter performs geometry cleanup, camera projection and culling before as well as exports.