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Final Fantasy IX Engine


Memoria Engine is a community rewrite of Final Fantasy IX's game engine that aims to add features, fix bugs and expand mod making capabilities (adding content, localizing...). Memoria includes a built-in Mod Manager, bugfixes and optional improvements (camera, framerate, audio, controller, UI, options, cheats...) while supporting third-party mods. More info here


  • Main features:
    • New launcher with easy options (for not included options: Memoria.ini)
    • Mod Manager/downloader
    • Widescreen (for all resolutions)
    • Higher framerate (60fps+)
    • Camera stabilizer (configurable)
    • Font change (includes original PSX font)
    • Smooth camera movement & texture scrolling
    • Anti-aliasing & Improved layer rendering
    • Many, many bugfixes
  • UI
    • Battle speed change & Swirl skip
    • Turn-based mode / Simultaneous mode
    • Controller support with full analog movement
    • Battle UI layouts (includes original PSX layout)
    • More items displayed at once
    • Volume control
  • Support for:
    • Larger backgrounds definition (e.g. Moguri)
    • Unlocks FMV framerate change (e.g. Moguri)
    • Voice acting (e.g. WIP project ECHO-S)
    • Translations
    • Special effects modding (soon)
    • UI, shader, texture modding
    • Expanded features for mods
  • Optional Cheats:
    • Stealing 100% success
    • Enable/Disable vanilla cheats
    • Easy minigames (rope, frogs, racing)
    • Excalibur II time limit removal
  • Tetra Master (Card game):
    • (Option) replace TM with a custom Triple Triad (FF8) or TM/TT hybrid
    • Raise card limit
    • Auto discard cards
    • Randomness tweaking
  • Include individual mod assets in folders
  • Edit game data (look at the "StreamingAssets\Data" folder)
  • Change ability mechanics (look at the "StreamingAssets\Scripts" folder)
  • Make every character available (Alt+F2)
  • Export/import text/audio resources (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S to debug)


  • Download and run Memoria.Patcher.exe

    Automatically finds the game path from Windows registry or current directory, you can provide a custom path as argument: Memoria.Patcher.exe gameDirectory

  • Note: if you want Moguri Mod, use Memoria patcher after.


Most crucial options are embedded in the game launcher, more in-depth configuration is available in the file Memoria.ini generated in the game directory


Debug (for users)

  • After first running the game, you should see "Memoria.ini" in the game directory.
  • If something went wrong, there will be errors in "Memoria.log".
  • If you can't see "Memoria.log", try running the game with administrator rights.
  • "Sharing violation on path" error: close applications holding the file.
  • "at Memoria.CsvReader.Read" error: delete files in (game)\StreamingAssets\Data and patch again.
  • "at Memoria.ScriptsLoader.Initialize" error: delete files in (game)\StreamingAssets\Scripts and patch again.
  • If an error persists, check "\FINAL FANTASY IX\x64(or x86)\FF9_Data\output_log.txt".


INFO for developers

Knowledge base

Please visit our knowledge base before using this software.