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Childhood Cancer Data Lab of the ALSF


About Us

The Childhood Cancer Data Lab was established by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) in 2017. The Data Lab is a team of data scientists, designers, engineers, and communicators. Our mission is to accelerate the pace of finding novel cures and treatments for childhood cancer by putting resources and knowledge in the hands of pediatric cancer experts.

We construct tools that make vast amounts of data widely available, easily mineable, and broadly reusable. We also train researchers to better understand their own data and to advance their work more quickly. The Data Lab team simultaneously contributes to childhood cancer research and to the open science and open source software communities.

Our Projects is a multi-organism collection of genome-wide transcriptome or gene expression data that has been obtained from publicly available repositories and uniformly processed and normalized.

Single-cell Pediatric Cancer Atlas (ScPCA)

The Single-cell Pediatric Cancer Atlas (ScPCA) focuses on single-cell and single-nuclei profiling with the goal of creating a publicly available atlas of pediatric cancer data. Ten ScPCA awards were funded by Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. The ALSF-funded researchers submit their single-cell, single-nuclei, and bulk RNA sequencing data to the Data Lab for processing. The data from these patient tumors are made available in one location through the ScPCA Portal.

Open Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas (OpenPBTA)

Open Pediatric Brain Tumor Atlas (OpenPBTA) is a global open science initiative, which analyzes a vast collection of pediatric brain tumor data, comprising data from 943 tumors. This project operates on an open contribution model, crowdsourcing expertise from childhood brain cancer experts from across the world.

Training Workshops

We offer training workshops to teach researchers the data science skills they need to examine their own data. Participants are introduced to the R programming language and to cutting-edge technologies used in single-cell and bulk RNA-sequencing data analysis. All of our training materials are openly licensed and freely available!

Get Involved

Visit us at and follow us on Twitter, @CancerDataLab.

For inquiries, please contact us at

Support our work by making a tax-deductible contribution to ALSF’s Childhood Cancer Data Lab. Donate here!


  1. refinebio Public harmonizes petabytes of publicly available biological data into ready-to-use datasets for cancer researchers and AI/ML scientists.

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  5. A collection of modules that are combined into 1-5 day workshops on computational topics for the childhood cancer research community.

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  6. Exercises for training scientists to perform some RNA-seq analyses.

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