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AntiMicro Profiles

This repository contains AntiMicro profiles that can be used to provide controller support for desktop applications and computer games that do not provide controller support or that provide poor support.

Currently, the layout of the repository is the following:

applications -> APPLICATION -> Controller GUID -> PROFILE or ARCHIVE (tar.gz or tar.bz2)

Most applications will have profiles that are mapped against the special SDL Game Controller API. The GUID that will be used in this repository for this case is sdlgamecontroller. For people using AntiMicro on Windows, anyone using an XInput controller (X360, Xbox One, Logitech F310 / F510 / F710) will use an sdlgamecontroller profile. To find the GUID for your controller, open AntiMicro and then go to Options -> Properties. The GUID of your controller will be listed in the Properties window. For people using an XInput controller on Windows, you can ignore what is shown for the GUID since SDL 2 does not return the device's real GUID or the pseudo GUID of "xinput" that it uses for bindings.

If you compile AntiMicro from source, you must be using a version of AntiMicro that was compiled with SDL 2 support. This will also require that you use at least AntiMicro version 2.0 in order to use an sdlgamecontroller profile.

If you would like to submit a profile to this repository, please clone this repository and place the XML file in the appropriate place. You also have the option to create an archive file in either tar.gz or tar.bz2 format. Zip files will not be accepted. If you are on Windows, please use 7-Zip to create an appropriate archive file. Archives can be used to include a profile along with supplementary files like a README, a controller mapping reference image, and any configuration files that might be needed to change the bindings in a game. Please do not include any exe files or the profile will be rejected.

Once you have finished your changes, please submit a pull request and I will review your changes. Once your changes have been reviewed and nothing is wrong with the submission, I will accept the changes.


antimicro Profiles for Use With Computer Games and Other Applications




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