Latest generation of Audiveris OMR engine
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This repository contains source code for the latest generation of Audiveris optical music recognition (OMR) engine.

Main features

As opposed to Audiveris earlier generation, which was a stand-alone OMR application composed of an engine and a (limited) user interface, this repository is focused on the OMR engine.

The internals of the OMR engine are made publicly available, either directly by XML-based ".omr" project files or via the Java API of this software.

The engine can directly export data using MusicXML 3.0 format, via an integrated exporter. Other exporters could build upon the engine to support other target formats.

NOTA: The engine provides a small integrated UI which is meant for the developer to analyze, tune or train the various parts of the engine, but not to correct the final score. Full GUIs, meant for the end-user, are expected to be provided by external editors.

Building and running

First of all, you'll need the following dependencies installed and working from the command line:

Besides the above mentioned tools you'll need to have Tesseract language files for Tesseract OCR to work properly. Please keep in mind that Tesseract is mandatory for both building and running Audiveris. It's currently not possible to use Audiveris without Tesseract.

You'll need at least the english language data. Other required languages can be installed, too. Please check this guide for further details.

Moreover, opening PDFs containing vector graphics on Unix-like platforms (including the Mac) requires FreeType library to be available in your $PATH. Fortunately, every known OS distribution already contains a package for FreeType.

To download Audiveris project, use the following command in a directory of your choice:

git clone

This will create a sub-directory named "audiveris" in your current directory and populate it with project material (notably source code and build procedure).

Now move to this "audiveris" project directory:

cd audiveris

Once in this "audiveris" project directory, you can:

  • Build the software via the command:

    ./gradlew build (Linux & Mac)

    gradlew.bat build (Windows)

  • Run the software, as GUI tool, via the command:

    ./gradlew run (Linux & Mac)

    gradlew.bat run (Windows)

Arch Linux

For the AUR(Arch User Repository) there exist two packages which can be installed by hand(or with your AUR-helper of trust). One is audiveris which uses the 5.1.0-rc release and the other one is audiveris-git which tracks the master branch. To install, simply execute:

git clone
#git clone
cd audiveris
makepkg -fsri

Or with an AUR-helper(pikaur/yaourt/...):

pikaur -S audiveris
#pikaur -S audiveris-git

Further Information

Users and Developers are encouraged to read our Wiki.