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This repository contains source code for the latest generation of Audiveris Optical Music Recognition (OMR) application.


All releases are available on Audiveris Releases page.

The most recent stable version is release 5.1, published on December 13, 2018.

Main features

Derived from Audiveris earlier generation (4.x versions), which was limited to fast processing of small high-quality scores in memory, this repository (starting with Audiveris 5.x versions) is significantly more ambitious:

  • Good recognition efficiency on real-world quality scores (as seen on IMSLP site)
  • Effective support for large scores (with up to hundreds of pages)
  • Convenient user-oriented interface to detect and correct most OMR errors
  • Openness to external access
  • Available on Windows, Linux and MacOS

The core of engine music information (OMR data) is fully documented and made publicly available, either directly via XML-based .omr project files or via the Java API of this software:

  • Audiveris includes an integrated exporter, which can write a subset of OMR data into MusicXML 3.0 format.
  • Other exporters are expected to build upon this OMR data to support other target formats.

Installing and running, for Windows only

Refer to HandBook Binaries section.

Building and running, for Windows, MacOS, Linux and ArchLinux

Refer to HandBook Sources section.

Further Information

Users and Developers are advised to read the specific User Handbook for 5.1 release, and the more general Wiki set of articles.

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