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Releases: AyhamAl-Ali/Sk-VSC

⚒ Compatibility Fix - Phase 1

10 Jun 19:24
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Hello, Hello, Hello!

It's been 3 years since last release 😬

Well, I am feeling like I should fix this extension once and for all to make it work with any other them and not break any other language.
So, in this release we began with Phase 1, we fixed a simple yet important compatibility issue with other Skript extensions, next I will be releasing a fix for real issue (the former issue)


  • Fixed compatibility issues with other Skript extensions (Thanks @TheLividX).
  • Removed Sublime Text 3 support. (It's no longer maintained).


Feedback & Issues

I appreciate all the feedback and reported issues on the issue tracker this allows me to find more bugs to fix and add more features to this extension.

New theme 'Shades of Purple'

26 Oct 18:35
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Changelog (v2.6.3)

Added new theme 'Shades of Purple'

Note: No changes made to ST3 version

Palenight Theme (VSCode)

07 May 04:44
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Changelog (v2.6.0)


(+) Added new comment style '#!!' without the single qoutes, it will show as dark green comment (for dark green comments fans)

(+) Added new theme (Material Palenight & Material Palenight High Contrast)

(+) Changed comments to italic

(*) Improved comments highlighting handling

(*) Fixed boundries of many skript types such as 'int'

Added some new grammars:

 - [un]load[ed]
 - (of|on) file
 - server command
 - exist[s]
 - empty
 - y[a]ml (value|nodes|list|node[s with] keys)
 - play[ed]
 - (this|server|before)
 - (complete|absolute|path|absorption hearts|accepted items|tablist|group|score|all|holo[gram]s)
 - for

Added support for VSCode

11 Apr 02:31
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Visual Studio Code Support

  • Added support for VSCode
  • Added some new grammars and colors to VSC version (Soon to ST3 version)
  • Improved scope names to make some of them work in other themes.

How to install on VSC

  • Open Extension Panel (Default: Ctrl + Shift + X)
  • Type skript, you will find Sk-VSC (Skript), click Install
  • Choose Editor Theme (Default: Ctrl + K + T) and select Sk-VSC (Optional: There are 4 themes, you can choose any of them, you can also choose other themes but they won't support the grammars as Sk-VSC theme)
  • Open any .sk file, make sure it uses Sk-VSC Language Mode.
  • Enjoy coding.

VSC Extension Link: Click Here

Fixed Package Name

24 Mar 06:00
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Fixed Package name [v2.4.2]

Fixed Control Package Code

23 Mar 14:17
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Another Huge update

23 Mar 05:42
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#c5f015 New Features

Added All the correct patterns of stop|exit [Eff]
Added size of [Expr]
Added [actual[ly]] target[ed] %type% [Expr]
Added colored the color names Ex. (set color of block to aqua) [Expr]
Added connect %player% to [server] %string% [Eff]
Added [un](cancel|ignore) [the] [current] [command] cooldown [Eff]
Added [un]Lea(sh|d) [Eff]
Added force %player% to respawn [Eff]
Added feed [Eff]
Added [un]load [Eff]
Added [local[ly]] suppress [the] (conflict|variable save|[missing] conjunction[s]|starting [with] expression[s]) warning[s] [Eff]
Added (make|make) %players% (say|send [the] message[s]) %strings% [Eff]
Added all patterns of force %players% to [(stop|start)] fly[ing] [Eff]
Added [the] (x|y|z)(-| )(coord[inate]|pos[ition]|loc[ation])[s] of %locations% [Expr]
Added (angle|between|normalize[d]|new|yaw|pitch|volume|(cylindrical|spherical) vector%|random|velocity|dot|cross) *[Expr]*s
Added (x|y|z) of %vector% [Expr]
Added rotate %vector% ... [Eff]
Added around [Expr]
Added slots [Expr] (supported plural of slot)
Added amount of %type% [Expr]

#f03c15 Fixes

Fixed Spaced tabs (huge fix too all the spaces tabs)
Fixed newline expression in strings %newline%|%nl% [Expr]
Fixed loop-\w+ in some cases such as set {_var} to loop-value[Expr]
Fixed Ignore case of Color Codes Ex. &a &A &B &C &d[Expr]
Fixed [un]col[u]or[ed] [Expr]
Fixed [the] (current |top |open )inventor(y|ied) [Expr]
Fixed on (step|walk) on %itemtype% [Evt]
Fixed (as|at|by|with) [Keywords]
There could be more that I don't remember 😄

#1589F0 Donating?

Don't forget to buy me a coffee if you like the work I make here and the time I spend for you and all others to make you feel happier. Here

Huge Update with new features and new support.

23 Feb 19:26
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ST3 Package Control

Sk-ST3 now can be installed using Sublime Text 3 Package Control Market. Yay!


  • Install Package Control (if not already) using this link
  • Go to Preferences > Package Control
  • Type install package
  • Type Sk-ST3
  • Press Enter
  • Go to View > Syntax > Sk-ST3
  • Go to Preferences > Color Scheme > Sk-ST3 or you can choose the theme you like instead of Sk-ST3 there is Sk-ST3 Bold etc.
    NOTE: It's recommended to install Material Theme because Sk-ST3's Editor background uses Material Main Theme.


  • Added Shooter
  • Fixed loop-(player|number|integer|object)
  • Added (current|top|open) inventory
  • Added (clear|sunny|sun|rainy|raining|rain|thundering|thunderstorm|thunder)
  • Added delete Effect
  • Removed every <timespan> [in world %world%] event to fix expressions in/of it.
  • Condition words now supports case insensitive e.g. IF, ELSE IF, ELSE etc.
  • Fixed & Added boundries to some effects such as add, give, set, make etc. to fix some other highlighting such as loop-value that comes after it
  • Added support for event-\w+ such as event-player, event-block etc.
  • Added int, byte, pnum, pinfo, short, long, float, array, pjson, penum, pentity, packet[s]
  • Added receive (MundoSk Packets effect)
  • Added new (MundoSk Packets keyword & skript-mirror (Java) keyword)
  • Added on packet event \w

Fixed Release files..

15 Feb 17:29
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Nothing new just fixed the release files

Package Control Update.

27 Jan 04:00
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No need to download this.