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@palma21 palma21 released this Feb 14, 2020

This release is rolling out to all regions

Important Service Updates

  • K8s 1.16 introduces API deprecations which will impact user workloads as described in this AKS issue. When AKS supports this version user action is required to remove dependencies on the deprecated APIs to avoid disruption to workloads. Ensure you have taken this action prior to upgrading to K8s 1.16 when it is available in AKS.
  • With the introduction of Kubernetes v1.16 on the last release that marked the start of the deprecation for v1.13 in AKS. 1.13 is scheduled to be retired on February 28th.

Release Notes

  • New Features
  • Preview Features
  • Bug Fixes
    • Improved error message when attempting to skip minor versions when performing an upgrade operation.
    • Fixed a bug where the dashboard would not work when RBAC was set to false for kubernetes v1.16/v1.17
  • Behavioral Changes
    • AKS has released a new API version
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