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Russian Dictionary Data

Here we publish the dictionary data for The origin are various sources including Wiktionary and lots of corrections and additions by our team and especially our wonderful users.

The data is not void of flaws but quite surely the most comprehensive public Russian dictionary that exists. There might be some artefacts and a bit of dirtyness like an asterisk or slash where it shouldn't be. If you have any improvements, please try to make them on the website directly and if not possible or if there are structural deficits please open an issue.

You can use the data quite freely, see the LICENSE file (Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0).

Accessing & downloading the dictionary data

We publish the dictionary database via TogetherDB and you can find the database >>>> here <<<<. You can browse the database tables, sort, filter etc and use the "export" button to download them as CSV. The tables and columns themselves should be quite self explanatory.

The database structure will change slightly from time to time as we are refactoring, adding or removing things from time to time.


The sentences are currently all from the incredible Tatoeba project and in the sentences table you can find the Tatoeba ID as well as the user name from their platform that contributed that sentence.

About the CSV files

You can find the CSVs for download here but they are a bit outdated as you can see from the timestamps. We will keep them here though as a public backup.


Dataset of nouns, verbs, adjectives and others from my russian dictonary website







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