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Interactive data-driven views, MVVM and MVP, built on top of JsRender templates
JavaScript HTML CSS
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Commit 63 (Beta Candidate)

- Removed minor undocumented feature where custom tags
  could return false from init.
- When an observableArray changes, the property change
  notification for the length change is now before the
  array change notification. (For better behavior in some
  complex scenarios).

- A new itemVar feature allows you to set a context variable
  on any tag, to provide access to the block context, even
  within nest tag blocks below.
  e.g. {{for people itemVar="~person"}}
  See BorisMoore/jsrender#256

- New dom change notifications feature: A new domChange()
  method on data-linked tags will raise a "jsv-domchange"
  event on the parent element. {^{for}} and {^{if}} both
  use this method to raise a "jsv-domchange" event whenever
  they modify the DOM as a result of observable data changes.
  See, and unit
  tests for "jsv-domchange".

- childTags("myFlowTag") can now be used to find instances
  of flow tags such as {{for}} and {{if}}, as well as
  custom (non-flow) tags. See unit tests,
  e.g. view.childTags(true, "if")

- Many new unit tests added for the above new features.

- Some small additional bug fixes.
latest commit 8700d57014
Boris Moore authored

JsViews: Next-generation MVVM and MVP framework - bringing templates to life

The power of MVVM, the flexibility of JavaScript, the speed and ease of JsRender templates

JsViews builds on top of JsRender templates, and adds data-binding and observable data, to provide a fully-fledged MVVM platform for easily creating interactive data-driven single page apps and websites.

JSRender and JsViews together provide the next-generation implementation of both JQuery Templates, and JQuery Data Link - and supersede those libraries.

See also the JsRender repository on GitHub

Documentation and Downloads

Documentation, downloads, samples are available on the website.
(JsViews and JsObservable API docs and tutorials are coming soon, as we move JsViews to the official beta and on to V1.0)


In addition to the demos at, see also the demos folder of this GitHub repository - available here as live samples.

Current Status

JsViews is now an alpha release, which will be declared beta as soon as API documentation is complete on the website, and then move to V1.0.

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