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Telegram Welcome Bot

Simple Telegram bot that sends a welcome message to new members Created by Dani Guardiola


  • Welcomes new members to a group
  • Message can be changed with the /change_welcome_message command
  • Filesystem persistence for restart resilience
  • Dead-easy deployment and setup


You need NodeJS v8+ installed on your server to deploy and run this bot

  1. Clone this repo on a server
  2. Execute npm i on the repo directory
  3. Create a bot through the @BotFather bot to obtain both a bot api token and a bot username (@example_bot)
  4. Execute npm run start -- --persistence-path <path for persistence> --api-token <your bot's token> --bot-username <your bot's username>

Command line options have the following short forms:

  • --persistence-path: -p (default path is <repo directory>/.persistence)
  • --api-token: -t
  • --bot-username: -u

Command list

For autocompletion and command list within the Telegram apps, you might want to configure the command list through BotFather.

For your convenience, here's a copy-paste list of the commands, correctly formatted:

change_welcome_message - Changes the welcome message of the group
help - Displays a help message


$ npm run start -- -p ~/bot -t 582659278:JsjjSHDNns-JjshJhann2nhJjans88kKSiw -u welcome_message_bot


Known issues

  • Markdown parsing can fail, for example by using an odd number of "*" or "_" characters in the group name